Taiwan’s Bahamut Interview with Producers – Translation


Bahamut had recently conducted an interview with the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Producer and Global Producer and released the interview article earlier today. In case you don’t know, Bahamut is one of the biggest gaming news media in Taiwan.

I’m only going to translate some of the more important questions in the interview. If you’re interested in reading the full article, I’ll leave a link below.

FFBE Producer K Horono – K
Global Producer Hiroki Fujimoto – H
Bahamut – GNN

Questions on JP and GL (collectively) 

GNN – What are the difference between FFBE-JP and FFBE-GL? Are there any differences in the game’s operations?

K – Although FFBE-GL is developed based on the JP build, both versions are managed independently. Global is not a direct port-over from the JP build. For example, the GL version has the Facebook account binding system, the Bundle shop where Players can purchase ingame items. This is to allow Players with lesser time an alternative method to catch up in game progression. GL will try its best to implement events from JP but most importantly, having it’s own global exclusive events.

H – We know that many Players are actually playing both versions of the game. Although content are pushed out much faster in JP, GL has its limits as there are 6 languages to translate. We hope Players can enjoy both versions of the game.

GNN – There are many Players who are concern over the differences between GL and JP. We would like to know, when developing GL, what are your considerations? Are there anything you would like to explain to the Players?

H – FFBE-GL is independently managed so that Global Players can have a more enjoyable gaming experience. Although progression in JP seems faster, the GL version is actually more complete, especially in terms of game balance. In a way, the JP version is like an experimental version. For example, if certain characters in JP are not as popular or well received by the JP Players (through feedback), adjustments will be made when the character actually arrives in GL.

K – The GL version was release 8 months after JP. There is a difference of 2-3 game versions/patches. There is a need to slowly keep up with game patches. Although there is a 8 months difference, the GL version was actually build on the JP version “3 months after launch”. There has been one big major patch based on JP version and one big GL patch changes. For example, only the GL version have the Bundle shop. Japanese Players value the importance of “I can win the game even without spending” while GL players prefer “I wan to be rewarded if I were to spend”.

H – There are certain Players who enjoy paying to speed up progression. This is why we offer 2 choices for the GL players.

GNN – Magic characters in the game seems weaker than the Physical Characters, the usage of MP is also comparatively more. Are there any plans to strengthen Magic characters? 

H – There are plans but it will not simply be adding more MAG to a certain character. There are lots of game balancing issues to consider when creating these units. The main issue here is that it is dependent on the Boss Fight itself. For example, a recent event in JP favors Magic units more than Physical units. Based on this, you can’t really say that Magic Characters are weaker than the Physical characters. One of the unique features of the game is to test the Players ability to mix and match their team to tackle different situations.

K – We do not favor Physical Characters over Magic Characters. It all depends on the Boss’s weakness. If you feel that your Magic characters are not strong enough, you can consider upgrading them by feeding Pots, TMs, Equipment etc.

GNN – Trust Mastery is a very important feature in the game. However, raising TMs is currently not an easy thing to do. Are there plans to speed up the process in the future?

K – The Trust Mastery system is one of the systems that is the same for GL and JP. It is to reward Players who put in time and effort to train a character. Most importantly, it’s the game’s lifeline. It will destroy the game experience if the process is being sped up. There are no plans to change how the TMs work. Currently in the game, there are many ways to collect Trust Moogles that can help speed up TM farming. One thing to note, the team were also surprise that Players would farm Earth Shrine for the TM rewards.

GNN – What are the future plans for the JP version? Will there be 7 star units?

K – We will be constantly upgrading and improving the game to provide a more comprehensive gaming experience for our players. Unfortunately, I am not able to divulge more information at this moment. As for 7 Star units…. I can’t tell.

GNN – How do you decide the rarity/enhancement of unit? Is it based on popularity?

K – That is only part of the consideration. Most importantly, it’s all about game balances. Afterall, if we only improve on the more popular units, the other units would not survive.

Qns on GL

GNN – What are the Players geographical ratio in Global? 

H – Global Players includes America, EU and Asia (not including Japan). Most are the Players are from Central Asia. Within Asia itself, most of the Players are from Taiwan and Korea.

GNN – Regarding the differences between GL and JP, such as Mission rewards rewarding only half as much Lapis as compared to JP, event tokens dropping lesser than JP, the Noctis issue, is there any deeper meaning behind it?

H – As mentioned earlier, the GL version is developed based on the JP version but both versions are managed independently. We know that Players will compare both versions but ultimately, we will take game balance issues seriously and will not cause the game to be unplayable.

K – To be honest, the Japanese Players are complaining that the GL version is acutally better such as the Ariana Grande event, the Halloween event, 30 days login bonus and the Bundle Shop etc. Although the Japanese players are not usually concern about the GL version, the Ariana Grande Collaboration did cause a little discussion in the community.

H – As for Noctis, this is the first time we are releasing a character simultaneously on JP and GL. However, due to the slower progression of GL, we are not able to release the same version of Noctis as it will disrupt game balance. In future, even if we were to release a same unit for both versions, we will be designing the unit based on the game’s current progression. The unit will still be strong but not over powered.

K – We know that Players are concern over the stats and will inevitably compare both versions but we want Players to understand that due to the differences in game progression, there is a need to make adjustments to the unit. For example, you will not compare the Cloud in FFBE and the Cloud in Kingdom Hearts, they are both different games thus there’s no comparison to be said. Likewise Global and Japan FFBE are different.

GNN – Are there plans for GL version to catch up JP content? 

H – Localization in GL requires more time as there are 6 languages to manage. It is difficult for both versions to match. However, similar to Noctis, we have plans to release units on JP and GL at the same time in future.

K – Currently, there are about 6 months gap between GL and JP. The JP version would have to wait 6 months for the GL version to catch up and this is definitely not a win-win situation for both sides. However, Global Players will have its own exclusive events and characters. We hope that Players will enjoy the game in Global and not care much on JP progression.

GNN – Previously in Japan, there is a Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter Explore Collab. Will these be released in Global?

H – Final Fantasy XIV is part of the Final Fantasy serious thus the event will definitely be appearing in Global. However, as for now, we cannot give a definite date. As for Monster Hunter Explore, it’s a collaboration between 2 different companies thus we cannot answer this question. However as the game is not released on Global, it will difficult for the Collab to happen on Global. (Kbp: Taiwan has its own Chinese version of MHX, which is probably why they asked about this game’s collab)

GNN – Regarding the 5*based Gacha system, will we be getting it on Global? Additionally the 5* rate in Japan is currently at 1%, is this the same on Global? Lastly, will we be able to see the Summon Rates in future?

K – We changed the Gacha system after receiving feedbacks from our Players. The new Gacha system received a positive response and we’re considering adding this feature on Global. (Previously I’ve missed this statement)

H – The reason for not changing the system now is to give Players a more enjoyable experience.  Note: after reading some feedback from you guys, I went back to reread the article and found out I missed an important statement (above) from PD K Horono, thus the why PD Hiroki’s follow-up statement sounded so weird. I’m sorry for this mistake. 

H – We want to give our Players a positive experience thus we are constantly changing our system with the community’s feedback. Currently, the 5* based unit pool is still small thus removing the other units will cause the Rainbow pull/pool to be lacking. We will need to wait for “the right time” to implement the new system. Additionally, the rates from Japan might not be the same for Global as there many different country’s law to consider.

K – If the Taiwanese Players have a better system or idea that the team could implement, please leave a comment in the Bahamut Forums (probably the largest game forum in Taiwan) for our team to refer. Also, I have a personal question to ask. If we were to implement a VIP system that will allow you to speed up the TM farming rate, will this be feasible? Please leave a comment of your thoughts. 


Above are some of the more important questions and answers that I think most of you might be interested in. Although I do understand both English and Chinese, translating is a whole different thing thus some of the sentences may feel grammatically weird. However, I think its enough for you guys to understand the gist of the interview.

For those of you who can read Traditional Chinese, here the link to the original article.



  1. May I know what is the overall reaction of Taiwanese players regarding this interview (in the comment section of original interviews or bahamut forum)?

    I don’t find this interview flattering at all, in fact the opposite as it clear as day now the GL did not understand GL player.

    “For example, if certain characters in JP are not as popular or well received by the JP Players (through feedback), adjustments will be made when the character actually arrives in GL.”

    Cerius-ly? The characters that they release so far has been medius-core. Great unit that people actually wants has long Orlandu-es (read overdues).

  2. TMR farming is the life of your game?
    Bullshit. All that means is that your game is trash.

    Events and content should be the life of your game


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