The Ambitious Engineer and the Darkening Cloud

Global Changes:


15 2 1617 15000 365
Mission Rewards 
Clear Quest Trust Moogle 4*
Use Waterga Mote x 10000
Clear using 5 or less Party Members Earth Elemental Resistance +15%
Clear without using “Green” magic Manufacted Nethicite (Ability: Immune to Magic Damage for 1 turn)
First clear reward
Trust Moogle 4*



Stage 1

Doctor Cid – Human
LV – 99
HP – 1,000,000
MP – 5000
+100% Resistance to all Elements | -50% Holy Resistance
+70% Sap Resistance | Immune to all
Attack Effect
Protect ST Increase DEF
Shell ST Increase SPR
Gatling Gun AOE Magic Damage


  • Preemptive Turn; uses Protect and Shell. Dispel this!
  • DEF/SPR Break susceptible.

Stage 2

Doctor Cid – Human
LV – 99
HP – 2,500,000
MP – 10,000
+100% Resistance to all Elements | -50% Light Resistance
+70% Sap Resistance | Immune to all
Attack Effect
Protect ST Increase DEF
Shell ST Increase SPR
Anti-Magick Reflect
S27 blah blah blah Charging for S27 Skill
S27 Skill AOE Magic Attack
Gatling Gun AOE Magic Attack
S85 Skill AOE Magic Damage
(Use when HP 90%, 50%, 25% or less)


Famfrit – Demon
LV – 99
HP – 2,500,000
MP – 10,000
+200% Water Resistance | +100% Light Resistance | -50% Fire Resistance
Immune to all
Attack Effect
blah blah Charging to use Briny Cannonade next turn
Briny Cannonade ST Water Magic Attack
Waterja AOE Water Magic Attack


  • Preemptive Turn; uses Protect, Shell and Reflect. Dispel this!
  • Famfrit’s attack are Water based.
  • Famfrit is not susceptible to any breaks


  • Although Doctor Cid is weak against Light attacks, you’ll have trouble fighting Famfrit in stage 2 as it has 100% Light Resistance. It is recommended that you use Non-Elemental Weapons/Attacks
  • Famfrit’s attacks are mainly Water based. Do not use Ramuh as your Esper.
  • Stack Water Resistance on your units.
  • Keep Focus or SPR Buff up at all times.
  • Since both stages starts the battle with Protect and Shell, make sure at least one of your units can Dispel this.

Recommended Units

Tank – Rasler, Cecil, WOL

Healer – Bikini Fina, Luca (Both can increase water resistance)

Support – Minfilia, Tidus, Rikku, Zargarbaath (Marie not recommended due to “No Green Magic” achievement)

Attacker – Orlandeau, Aileen, Man-Eater Units,


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