The Dreadnought

In a far away land, peace is set to come to an end. The emperor of Palamecia has summoned monsters to aid him in his plan to conquer the world. A group of young warriors have joined the rebel army in their fight against those in power.

Rain and his friends are now to witness their attempt to infiltrate and destroy the empire’s machine of destruction, the Dreadnought. The man put in charge of the Dreadnought, the black armor-clad confidant of the emperor, seems to have some connection to the young warriors.

Global Changes:

  • Added Physical Resistance to Monsters
  • Full Break no longer works on Captain (Except MAG/SPR)

First Clear Rewards:

Dungeon First Clear Reward
BGN Rare Summon Ticket x 1
INT Ruby Breastplate (Plate: DEF+36)
ADV Orichalcum (Dagger: ATK+42, Aquan Killer)
PRO Gigantaxe (Axe: ATK+76, HP+15%)
ELT Trust Moogle (5*)



Treasure chest
1. Phoenix Down x 3
2. Calamity Writ x 5
3. Prismatic Horn x 5
4. Star Quartz x 5
5. Divine Crystal x 5
6. Sleep Sword Monsters appears after chest is opened
7. Fairies’ Writ x 5
8. Rainbow Bloom x 5
9. Ice Shield Monsters appears after chest is opened
10. Calamity Gem x 5

Event Stage



3 50
Mission Reward
Clear Quest Tent
Clear without using LB 10
Clear using Magic 10
Do not die 10
First clear reward
Rare Summon Ticket x 1



5 105
Mission Reward
Clear Quest Turbo Ether
Deal Fire Damage to an enemy 10
Evoke Esper 10
Do not die 10
First clear reward
Ruby Breastplate



7 150
Mission Reward
Clear Quest Remedy
Deal Light Damage to an enemy 10
Kill Captain with Magic 10
Do not die 10
First clear reward



10 250
Mission Reward
Clear Quest Phoenix Down
Evoke Esper 10
Kill Captain with LB 10
Do not die 10
First clear reward



15 365
Mission Reward
Clear Quest 20
Clear without using White Magic HP +15%
Use LB 3 or more times 10
Do not die 10
First clear reward
Trust Moogle 5*


NOTE: Added Physical Resistance to all Monsters (including bosses) in global.


Captain – Human
LV – 80
HP – 1,500,000
MP – 1500
Immune to all
Mine – Demon
LV – 80
HP – 100,000
MP – 100
-50% Fire and Lightning Resist
+80% Blind Resist | +90% Sleep Resist | Immune to all
Sergeant – Human
LV – 80
HP – 300,000
MP – 300
+80% Blind | Immune to all


  • Battle starts with Captain and Mine x 2
  • When Mine is dead, Captain will summon 4 Sergeants
  • When Mine is below 50%, it will suicide and wipe your team.
  • Captain does ~ 6 actions per turn including Normal Attacks and Break Attacks (Single target)
  • Captain will start to use Sweep (AOE Physical) on entire party when HP is below 70% (RNG)
  • Captain is only susceptible to MAG/SPR break (for global)
  • Prepare items/magic to cure Paralysis, Sleep and Poison


Turn 1 – Buff DEF (MAG or ATK) and take down the 2 Mines (with SPR Break) in the first turn.
Turn 2 – Keep Provoke up and Keep Cecil in DEF mode to tank damage for the team. The rest of the team should work on killing the Sergeants in the next 2 turns.
Turn 4 onwards – Keep DEF Buff up, especially when Captain’s HP is below 50%. Make sure you heal up your team and Res if needed.

Recommended Units

For the mission “Clear without using White Magic” , you can bring along units with Healing Abilities instead:

Unit Ability Effect
Primm Healing Waters Heal (700 HP, 3.4x) to all allies
Tilith Goddess’s Miracle Heal (1000 HP, 3.4x) and cure poison, blind, sleep, silence, paralyze and confuse to all allies
Luka Regenerate Heal (1150 HP, 8x) over 3 turns to all allies
Luka Priestess Miracle Heal (1000 HP, 3.4x) and cure poison, blind, sleep, silence, paralyze and confuse to all allies


Due to the newly added Physical Resistance in Global, the use of Elemental Chain becomes vital in clearing the event.


Cecil is vital for this fight as he is able to Provoke and attract most of the damage for the team. Also, if you’re not after the “No White Magic” achievement, Cecil acts as a support Healer for the team.


Refia’s Embolden becomes important in this fight as most of the damage you’ll receive are Physical damage.

Alternatively, you can use Lenna or Luka as your healer.


Mages with Dual cast is good for this fight especially if you can execute the Elemental Chain properly. Exdeath, Dfina, Emperor, Arc are decent Mage options.

Noctis continues to be the best all rounder unit for this event.




  1. Do not bring all physical attackers on ELT. The majority of the mobs are physical resist, including the Captain. It makes for a painfully long fight.

  2. To chain properly, First cast all breaks/buffs. Second, select the spell you would like to use for each mage pref Double cast. Third click on each mage in quick succession beginning with your weakest mage and ending with your strongest mage to max elemental chain multiplier.

  3. I love how scumi once again fucks everyone over in an attempt to force people to roll for shitty units by adding physical resist to the event :^)

    • Don’t think you can open the cell. If you’re referring to chest #6, there is a secret passage (marked in green on the map above) to get it.

  4. I Used Ling on my tim to support , on mobs just use dance of death then chain -ga spell ,when fight captain , just use provoke every 2 turn to keep it on , then use Ling’s dance of death to make mine sleep then chain -ga spell will finish both mines, when captain call help , just use same strategy to finished mine ,
    but when captain reach about <50% hp be careful ,every 2 turn will use sweep that sometimes kill 1 or 2 unit(s) of your tim ,coz cecil only can cover 1 unit from your tim , but captain can hit randomly (~6 times) to others although provoke still on , so just keep all your hp max all before captain reach about <50% hp,and keep use hp pot on unit with <70% hp until bos defeat
    my tim :
    Ling , Cecil , Tillith , ExDeath , Exdeath , friend Exdeath ~ no TMR ( i beat Captain ELT , but not get all achievement, ' no one die ' achievement failed )

  5. “Also, if you’re not after the “No White Magic” achievement, Cecil acts as a support Healer for the team.”

    You must be really dense. CECIL USES WHITE MAGIC YOU DINGDONG. He’s a good tank, but don’t use his heals if you’re going for that achievement.

    • That’s what he’s saying. “if you’re NOT after the “No White Magic” achievement” you can use Cecil as a support Healer… learn to read before you blast someone like that. Sheesh.

    • errr… probably you read it wrong?? he does mentioned “if you’re ->”NOT”<- after the "No White Magic", cecil acts as a support healer for the team…
      hopefully the arrow marks and the capitalized letter will make your brain goes "DING~ DONG~"
      LOL~ no hard feelings, kay?

  6. current party:
    cecil (maxed pot)
    primm (maxed pot)
    2 exdeath (maxed pot)
    1 exdeath (friend)

    do you think my current party is able to finish elite difficulty? and what element i should use for elemental chain?

    • Definitely, but I would consider sub’ing in Noctis or Ling friend for the MP regen since the fight might run long. I setup Primm as the primary healer, with SPR gear and material, she was healing for 1700 HP with Healing Waters, also her fire dmg/SPR debuff was nice on top of Imperil and Fire chaining. Fire worked well except against the red bombs on the way to the boss. I used CoD as my support/status ailment unit.

      • oh okay, thanks… i think i can cover noctis mp regen with elixirs… got a tons but never the chance to use it and this is where it shines… exdeath hp isn’t that high so i think its useless for a long run… and mp regen from noctis doesn’t really recover much… i think its better to finish the battle quickly…

    • Well, I used Rain, and he was fairly helpful. But, I wasn’t going for any achievements.

      Cecil (Golem), Rain (Diabolos), Gilgamesh (DW, Ifrit), Exdeath (DW, Ramuh), Refia (Shiva), Noctis (DW, friend).

      Rain was helpful for a few reasons:
      – cover helped spread damage (though sometimes undesired)
      – double counter generated LB crystals for everyone while they were busy using magic/skills
      – leadership to buff everything for everyone
      – undermine to drop captain’s MAG/SPR, which allows magic to hit harder

      It was a long fight. Other things of note:
      – Dualcast Meteor, Fire/Lightning Flask, and Wind Slash 1-shotted the bombs
      – Exdeath LB and Fire Flask blinded all the Sergeants

      Probably not the ideal team but it seemed to work pretty well.

  7. Use focus + embolden if boss hp is more than 50%

    Keep Refreshing Ling Feint Step(spr beak)

    Save Ling and Cecil’s limit break till bosses HP is less than 50%.
    Should take around 3 turns to kill boss, With three dual-cast Firaga.

  8. I got about halfway through the fight.. took out the bombs in one turn, the lieutenants in 2 turns.. once the captain was below 75% it just turned to shit.. I usually go for straight obliteration using dark fena, 2 exdeath’s, luka and rain.. Rain i still use for his leadership and undermine skills (that and I can’t pull anything better). DF dual casts ultima, both exdeath’s dual cast meteor, all over 400 ap.. luka is for priest miracle or buffing.. i brought in a friend’s noctis for the thunder flask and whatnot.. no tank = no go.. his sweep put all my units at about 30% health, then he just free murdered 2-3 per turn.. everytime i’d raise, they’d just be murdered again. Hopefully eventually I’ll pull a decent tank.

    • 2 lightnings (did not know about phys resist before attempting), 1 exdeath, 1 luka, 1 cecil, 1 noctis friend. It took awhile, and I went through quite a few chocolates, but it went surprisingly smoothly. Deep Blue is just op af i guess.

  9. did it full achievement in one go with:

    Terra(400mag,equipped ultima but ended up using her mainly for feeding others chocolates/elixirs)
    DFina(Friend, 688mag)

    used chocolates and elixirs to support the team.

  10. Using FTP party beat 15% HP achievement using party, all max 6 stars:
    2x Exdeath
    And friend Primm (lvl 96)

    First I broke SPR with Ling, then Protectga with COD, provoke with Cecil, and dualcast Firaga with Exdeaths.
    The whole battle lasted about 16-20 rounds.
    Primm was used with healing waters every turn, since the HP recovery is not that much that’s all she could do.
    COD cast Protectga every few turns, with Comeback every 4(paralysis), and Imperil every few. Also item MANA regen.
    Exdeath always cast Firaga except one turn to pull MP and cast LB.
    Cecil was tricky. I had to defend more than provoke because the boss hit so hard and Cecil would automatically protect most hits anyway, plus it halved damage taken, and spread out dmg to the rest of the team (healing waters Regen not great).
    Ling was the all star with bringing back units to life every couple turns, MANA regen, and SPR reduction. Used mirage a few times which saved me right at the end when she was only one standing.
    Used 3 elixirs and all mega ethers.
    I cannot stress enough having SPR break and Imperil applied the whole time while chaining.

  11. I used Refia Cecil dark fina exdeath lightning and ling. Lighting was only good for chaining thunderga items and crushing blow to weaken for thunderga chains. Ling was MVP just as in Trials of Love. Started by focus/embolden- imperil/chaining thunderga. Once the guards were dead and the captain started sweeping, I switched to dual cast meteor/ultima. Ling to debuff his spirit and for resurrection. Cecil and refia for healing/buff purposes. Lighting for items/utility. Have to go back in with Luka and try for the no white magic achievement.

    • One strong mage on your team (like an exdeath) with over 400 magic, a back up mage or mage type (Hope might be good for the side raise) to begin a chain, 3 support characters focus/cheer/break/heal(if you don’t care about the achievement) and a powerful mage friend over 550 (closer to 600 is better)magic and you should be able to pull it off. Just chain the heck out of thunderga/firga and/or switch to meteor/ultima toward the end. Keep up the buffs. Cecil was necessary for me. I haven’t tried it, but Luka’s deep blue should be really helpful in this too if you have her leveled.


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