The Giant of Babel

Once feared as a great weapon of war, the giant was brought back by the power of the Blue Planet Crystal which consisted of the evil will that had permeated the land. Rain and his crew will need to face the all-powerful Four Fiends. The perilous road to their final fight (Golbez) has opened!

Note: Guide and figures are currently based on the Japanese Build. I will update accordingly when global event releases. Since we are a little behind time when the event was launched in JP, there is a high chance that the event will be easier in Global. 

First Clear Rewards:




Avoid Long battles, use Ra/Ga Spells or just escape from battles. Man-Eater is good here. You can add Man-Eater on your Diabolos too. Full-Break will not be useful here as there is a high chance that the bosses will resist it.

You’ll want to keep your HP more than half at any point in time to prevent death from the bosses’s AOE spells. Curaja, DispelRaise and Focus is a must.

Prepare Tents, Mega-Ether, Phoenix Down, Elixir and Echo Herbs.



Treasure Chest Difficulty
Wicked Drop x3 BGN
Fury Seed x3 BGN
Rainbow Bloom x5 INT
Calamity Gem x5 INT
Fairies’ Writ x5 INT
Prismatic Horn x5 PRO
Calamity Writ x5 PRO
Divine Crystal x5 ELT


As you progress to the next difficulty level, the Exploration map will expand and an additional boss will be added to the Exploration. Since this is an Exploration event, it is good to charge up your Limit Burst and Esper Bar before engaging the bosses. YOU WILL BE FIGHTING THE BOSSES, BACK TO BACK. Use your Tent before you proceed to take on Golbez.

Boss Stats at ELT difficulty:

No. Boss HP MP Ele Weakness Ele Resist Status
1 Scarmiglione (Spirit) 310000 700 Fire, Holy 50% Ice, Earth 100% Full Resist
2 Rubicante (Human) 340000 700 Water, Ice 50% Fire 100% Full Resist
3 Cagnazzo (Aquatic) 320000 700 Water, Ice 50% Fire 100% Full Resist
4 Barbariccia (Human) 330000 700 Holy 50% Wind 100% Full Resist
No. Boss HP MP Ele Weakness Ele Resist Status
1 Golbez (Human) 400000 900 Full Resist



 scarmiglione Spirit
HP – 310000
MP – 700
100% Resist – Ice, Earth | 50% Weak – Fire, Holy
Immune to all Status Ailments


Easiest way to kill Scamiglione is to cast Raise or use a Phoenix Down to OHKO it.


rubicante Human
HP – 340000
MP – 700
100% Resist – Fire | 50% Weak – Ice, Water
Immune to all Status Ailments


  • Use Barfira or Focus to dampen the Fire Magic (When HP is at 50% and below)
  • Use Ice Elemental Chain damage (with Man-Eater) to deal more damage
  • When Rubicante enters it’s “Cloak Mode”, it’s DEF and SPR will increase. The best way to tackle this is to cast Dispel on it.


cagnazzo Aquatic
HP – 320000
MP – 700
100% Resist – Fire | 50% Weak – Ice, Water
Immune to all Status Ailments


  • Focus and Cheer
  • Set up Ice Elemental Chains with Imperil
  • When he “wakes up” to prepare to cast his AOE attack, you’ll need to Dispel his shield so that you can continue dealing damage on him.
  • If you’re low on firepower and cannot take him down after the Dispel, use a Lightning spell to interrupt the AOE attack (Tsunami).
  • Prepare to remove Silence or Paralyze. 


barbariccia Spirit
HP – 330000
MP – 700
100% Resist – Wind | 50% Weak – Holy
Immune to all Status Ailments


  • Focus and Cheer
  • Prepare for AOE damage when HP is below 50%
  • Elemental Chain with any element except Wind
  • Prepare to remove Petrify with Golden Needle or Stona


golbez_boss Human
HP – 400000
MP – 900
Immune to all Status Ailments


  • Remember to use TENT before the fight.
  • Focus, Cheer, Barfira, Barthundara
  • Elemental Chain (with Man Eater – Lightning)
  • Prepare to remove Paralyze

Golbez will always cast a AOE Paralyze attack on his first turn. The best case scenario is to have Jeweled Ring equipped on Roselia (to prevent her from paralyze) so that she can cast her Limit Burst to wake everyone up. Note: Remember to set her on Defensive mode to prevent her from dying on turn 1.

Attack Pattern includes – Fira/Thundaga + Bio or Drain or Attack. Osmose every 3 turns and Cursed Chill (ST Paralyze ability) every 4 turns.

At 50% HP, it’ll cast an AOE death spell.

At 30% HP, it’ll cast the AOE Paralyze attack again. You’ll want to avoid the second AOE paralyze attack at all cost. Setup his HP to just slightly above 30% and finish him off with all you got.

Recommended Party

Depending on your roster, you there are multiple ways you can set up your team.

Safe Team: 2 Healers, 1 Tank, 1 Support, 2 Attackers
Mage Team: 1 Healer, 1 Mage with cura, 3 Magic Attackers, 1 Tank


6* Cecil – Able to cast Focus and Curaja, Dispel on Rubicante and Cagnazzo, Saint Wall to protect the team.
Charlotte – Royal Armlet has a high chance to protect the team. High Defensive Stats.


Roselia – She’s favoured in this even due to her status ailments clearing ability (Limit Burst and Spells)
Lenna – Cheer, Dispel, Esuna and Curaja
Garnet – Curaja and Raise. She can also equip the Bar-protection spells


Cerius – One of the best Support who is often forgotten. You’ll need Cerius for his Bar-protection.

Physical Attack:

Lightning – Ice Blitz should be the highest hitting ability in this event.
COD – If you do not have Lightning, you can stack Man Eater by equipping Diabolos to dish out tons of damage.

Magic Attack (Since you’ll mostly be casting Blizzaga, you’ll want to consider bringing the mage with better support abilities):

Tellah – Raise
Exdeath – High Defensive Stats
Terra – Raise


    • Yep, that all you need to do. Also, there isn’t really much of a point to redo these when finished, the mobs don’t drop anything and the unit/rank exp is really low.

  1. If you’re prone to the game’s memory leak issue, do what you can to avoid crashing during the fiend chain fight in ELT. If you do crash, you’ll have to start over with whatever resources spent.

  2. So once we get to finish this, it’s the end of it, right? No more continues grinding to get the materials for awakening? How about the trust moogles?

    • Only once. There isn’t really any reason to redo these when finished. Also, the chests from prior difficulties are already looted in the harder ones, so there isn’t many materials to get

  3. Very small mistake in the page: the items you say we get in Pro are gotten in ADV and the item gotten in ELT in Pro. It was correctly marked on the map but not in the table below! 😉

    Thanks a lot for all you help in those events!
    PS: not sure they made the bosses much easier than in jp, I already had a hard time clearing Pro haha

    To answer the comments, everything in this event is a one-time reward. Once done, you can switch to something else. No repeat, no crafting

  4. golbez is absolute bullshit. he just did something and it just wipes the party without any damage or anything. this is fucking retarded what a letdown for what should have been an amazing capstone fight

    • u mad much?
      Haha don’t feel bad. I can’t even get past Cagnazzo. He casts his water attack and KOs everyone except 1 guy who can’t kill or revive anyone fast enough. Even when I have barwatera, shellga, and protectga simultaneously.
      Tried 8 times. Wasn’t meant to be

      Squad is good. Not sure why I can’t beat him.


  5. I used:
    Vaan 5* (focus/barfira)
    Lightning 6* (Ice Blitz)
    Tellah 5* (Raise/Blizzard)
    Kefka 5* (Blizzard for first 3 bosses/ Hyperdrive for Wind boss and Golbez)
    Lenna 5* (Curaja/Cheer & please give her a paralysis resist accessory)
    Lightning 6* friend (Ice Blitz)

    • Goog team Sanomia, only Van that i dont have (and the barfiraga, my Cerius is not full yet and i really dont know is he have this abillity).

      Making the new Vortex of Awakening, i dont see the materials for aweakening Cecil.. Thats is really bad :(,

      Someone try to kill monsters in the PRO exploration for see if they drop the materials?

      Thanks for all the help!

  6. COD: Barrage (Diabolos)
    Charlotte: Shellga/cover (Golem)
    Tellah: Raise (Ramuh). Def most of the time to save his ass
    Roselia: Curage/LB (Siren)
    Fina: Cheer/Cura(Ifrit)
    Lightning friend: 2x Gungnir (The main damager!!)

  7. I brought 2 healers with 1 support, 1 tank and 2 attackers,
    Lightning 6*, ice blitz, dont use chirijiraden
    Fina 5*, (lol) she can do bar and curaga for tank
    WoL 5*, provoke and full, even tou partially works
    Terra 5*, raise
    Lenna 5*, curaja and cheer
    Lightning 6* (friend) with chirijiraden :/
    Barely won with only lightnings and lenna alive, but still damn proud of it. Magic attackers wont work when fighting Golbez as he always pin them down in 1 turn for me, so kefka and exdeath is out.

  8. I managed to complete it with a struggle team

    Cecil 5*
    Friend Kefka5* 300mag

    Any strong lightning Duel I could use a friend lol

  9. I use
    WoL(Golem –> only full break)
    Cerius(siren –> barfiraga, cura n LB)
    Lenna(diablos –> cheer, curaja, dispel)
    Kefka(ramuh –> blizzaga 2nd n 3rd boss, thundaga 4th n golbez)
    Tellah(shiva–> raise 1st boss,blizzaga 2nd n 3rd boss, thundaga 4th n golbez)
    Lighting *6 from friendlist with 566 att(diablos–> ice blitz 2nd n 3rd, crushing blow 4th n golbez)
    Every bos just need 2 turn. Tellah, cerius m lenna must heal n raise if need. Dont forget bring tent n phoenix down for tellah. 🙂

  10. Your guide fk’d me so bad kungpao. You didn’t mention that you need to cast a lightning spell after dispel on Cagnazzo to stop him from casting his AOE spell that decimates your whole team after he powers up. I lost over 20x because of your mistake. You owe me some lapis buddy.

  11. I did ELT on first try..

    With Lightning friend equipped with Diabolos + Gungnir + Excalibur..

    And Golbez miss the paralyze twice on Lightning..LOL

  12. Any whales able to help me get PRO done? I always seem to start off bad since I don’t have any units with Raise or Revive.

    Currently using –
    -Chiziru (Just got Man-eater) 295 Atk with Diabolos
    -Golbez with 250 Mag

    – Other 5* Maxed units are Garland and Zidane.

  13. I noticed Chizuru not mentioned or noted but for all who have her, she is pretty good for ELT. Having Chiz with Diabolos (Man Eater) + Barrage dishes out some nice damage. BUT aside from that, the main reason why is her other skill ability “Fingersnap” which dispels buffs and does phys. atk damage. Having her as the dispeller + good attacker eases up for more options with other units to deal more damage or keep party buffed and topped off. Just make sure Chiz isnt equipped with Chirijiraden.

    (This is only another possible option since I didnt see her noted or posted. I used Chiz in my party setup along with Vaan, Kefka, Tellah, Lenna + Lightning as Friend. Pretty much wiped the floor with the Fiends, Golbez gave me a OH SHIT heart attack moment but prevailed in the end on 1st ELT run)

  14. my team is COD,Tellah,Kefka,Kuja and Lasswell i cant pass Cagnazzo even with a lightning 6* friend 🙁 have 5*cecil but no blizzard skill have lvl73 roselia 5* garland. a little help pls?? 🙁

  15. my team for ELT :
    Ramza *6 (hero rime/bar aerora/bar fira)
    Lightning *6 (diabolos – man eater / enhancer+spining splendor / ice blitz )
    Tellah *5 ( bar thundara/ spr 10% x 2/chapeau / blizaga )
    Celes *5 ( mag 10% x 4 / gravity rod /blizaga )
    kefka *5 ( mag 10% x4 / lilith rod / circlet /magi robe /blizaga )
    friend Lightning *6 ( diabolos – man eater / enhancer + blood sword from colo / ice blitz )
    1 turn all except barbaricia 2 turn and golbez 2 turn

  16. Beat this with:
    Cecil (lvl84) – Focus
    WoL – Full Break
    Celes – Barfira (crafted ability), Seal Blade on Golbez
    Lenna – Cheer/Curaja
    Golbez – Blizzaga
    Powerful Lighting Friend

    It was a breeze. I feel it can be done with only a Focus user, a barfira user, a curaja healer, and deal damage only with a Lightning friend.

  17. GDI. Rubicante still kills 2 people on my team the first fricking round he attacks and there’s no way to raise everybody in time for the next fight. It’s obnoxious. AND every lightning on my friends list has that stupid fire sword, too. *grumbles*. And this was with both Cheer and Focus up. Dafaq.

    Only tank I have is WoL, unfortunately. Never got a Cecil to drop for me. Only person I have with focus is also Lid. So I have a Tellah, a Kefka, Lid, CoD, Lenna, Lid team. I don’t know if this is going to be do-able or not.

  18. Guys, I need help with the Pro dungeon please, as I really want that rod for my Kefka. I’ve not been playing too long (I’m still on the third island, due to having to spend all my NRG grinding events), but I have 5* max Lenna, Kefka, Vaan, ExDeath & a 6* Cecil (lv 87), as my main party, with loads of 6* max Lightning friends (although the highest attack ones are around 450) I also Already farmed & used all the metal cactaurs from the Halloween event to get this far. Can’t seem to get the job done. Any advice please? I also have a 4* max Laswell, Rain & Chizuru & a 5* lv 44 WoL.


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