The Psycho Clown

Global Changes:


15 1 1117 10000 365
Mission Rewards 
Clear Quest Trust Moogle 4*
Use item Fish x 10000
Kill Kefka with LB Light Elemental Resistance +15%
Summon Carbuncle and Diablo (Robe: Def+40, MAG/SPR+30, MP+20%)
First clear reward
Trust Moogle 4*



Kefka – Human
LV – 99
HP – 700,000
MP – 6000
+200% to all Resist
+90% Blind Resistance | Immune to all


  • Kefka has high tolerance to Physical Attacks.
  • As you can see, Kefka has 200% resist to all elements. However, whenever Kefka cast a spell, the opposing element of that spell will be reduced.
  • Threshold skills at 80/60/40%. They are basically very strong AOE attacks.
  • On turn 9, he will cast an ultimate attack they will bring your team’s HP down to double digits. However, his own DEF will be reduced by 98%
  • On turn 18, he will cast an ultimate attack they will bring your team’s HP down to double digits. However, his own SPR will be reduced by 98%
Attack Element Down
Blizzaga Fire Resistance
Firaga Ice Resistance
Waterga Lightning Resistance
Thundaga Water Resistance
Aeroga Earth Resistance
Stonega Wind Resistance
Graviga Light Resistance
Banishga Dark Resistance
Cause tantrums
Magical runaway
  • You want to bring along units that can cover all elements to make use of his elemental weakness.
  • Use equipment that do not reduce your resistance.
  • Bring along units that can add all resistance to the team (ie, Marie and CoD).
  • Full Break works (except MAG break). However, it will dispel the break every turn thus you will need to recast every turn to make use of the Def/Spr Break.
  • Equip items that prevent Poison and Blind
  • If you’re going to use a Magic team, do note that it’ll be difficult to store the Esper gauge which you’ll be using it to cast Carbuncle and Diablos for the 3rd Mission.
  • Safest way to do this is to prep your LB and complete your Evoke mission before pushing the Kefka to his first threshold.

Who to bring?

The fight itself is not very difficult. The biggest problem is the Evoke and LB mission.

Make sure your party has at least 5000 and above HP to tank his turn 9 and 18 skill. Make sure your weapons are non-elemental.

Tank – Cecil with Golem is a must to tank the 7 hits preemptive attack.

Healer – Double Cast Refia


– Marie/CoD/Minfilia – boost elemental resistance
– Ling – Reduce Attack and give MP


– Setzer should be the highest damage physical attacker for this fight, if you are lucky. Use Prismatic Flash to build the Esper and LB charges.

– Noctis is great here as he covers 3 different elements.

– Units with fast charging LB attacks (eg; Orlandeau) are recommended for the Mission.


  1. Setzer really is the saving grace for building the Esper gauge. Prismatic flash with 2 setzer until you summon both carbuncle and diablos. Then you just double dice him down. All other characters are support. I’m lucky enough to have Marie but Cloud of Darkness or Tillith should work too. Dual cast healer with a solid tank and you should be good. Might take several tries to get everything.

  2. Are there other ways to take him out haven’t got him to 50% and he uses kefka losing his temper twice in a row and his Ultima attack three times already. Keeps osmosing my units to 0 and when I osmose back I get 3 mp making it worthless. My toons are above 5k hp but reviving buffing and healing and left with one person to attack for a few damage.

    • Again, I got both espers off. I’m trying to finish the fight and he casts Graviga and Bioga back to back and wipes my team. What the fuck 😐 He shoulnd’t be casting another -ga after gravaga on the same turn, it’s way too much especially since he still auto-s a few times too..

  3. So I managed to kick that bozos back side. I do not have dual cast so had to use yshtola, Noctis, COD, Setzer (alkaseltzer), Cecil and a friend jedi Orlandeau 900atk. Since i had the issue with the clown annoyingly always osomosing i put in items ether, turbo ether, mega ether and chocolate for mp. I used ether on seltzer to give him just enough to use his cure poison and blind. Noctis would keep cover up for regen. Yshtola would use Curaja and shellga and Cecil would heal and defend. COD of course would keep elemental defenses up at all times. Mostly Noctis and orlandeau did the attacking when the clown was weak to fire ice lightning or light while others defended. Graviga was the biggest pain but Noctis full life and yshtola revive and then Curaja and Cecil back up Curaja put me back in the game.

  4. You can always one shot him w Setzer cheese if that’s your thing. Dw your setzer with say, the survival edge, which has the air element. Have diablos 2 star with maneater and maneater materia equipped. Wait until he is weak to air and tap double dice and whoever is doing a non elemental limit burst burst for the achievement. Remember this setzer will do pretty much no damage the whole fight while you try to evoke your espers. He is only there to one shot kefka. That is supposed to be about a 40% chance but it worked all 4 times I tried it. If it doesn’t one shot him prep for damage and wait for him to attack with stone again.

    • Tried the method and it worked wonderfully! Managed to beat Kef**k today with Air Knife (dual w/ Second Knife) equipped on Setzer, Double Diced him and it dealt at least 330k damage. Party: Yshtola (Shiva), Cecil (Golem), Setzer (Odin), Refia (Carbuncle), CoD (Diabolos), friend Noctis.


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