The True Titan – Trial

Global Changes:


40 1 420
Mission Rewards
Clear Quest 4* Trust Moogle
Use “White” Magic Titan Raid Coin x 10,000
No Items Rare Summon Ticket x 2
Defeat Titan with an Esper Wind-up Titan


Earth God Titan – Stone
LV – 99
HP – 8,000,000
MP – 100,000
0% to all
Immune to all
Earth God Titan’s Heart – Stone
LV – 100
HP – 1,300,000
MP – 100,000
0% to all
Immune to all


Attack Pattern
Tumult AOE Physical Attack
Earthen Fury AOE Physical Attack (used on turn after core is destroyed)
Rock Buster ST Physical Attack
Mountain Buster Single Physical Attack (Use during Heart phase)
Rock Throw ST Petrify
Land Slide Remove 1 unit from the battle (cannot return) Once every 4 turns


  • Power and Magic Break effective
  • Counter when Magic is used
  • Take measures against Petrify
  • Stone Killer effective
  • When Titan’s HP is reduced to 60%, the heart will appear. The main body will be immune to all attacks until the heart is defeated.
  • You need to defeat the heart within 4 turns or the damage will become unbearable.
  • Titan will cast Landslide every 4 turns. The only way to “prevent” this is to keep Provoke up so that Titan will target the “Provoke” target. (You may need 2 tanks to rotate this).
  • However, if Turn 4 happens to be the turn where it’s heart appears, it will not cast landslide.

Strategy (to prevent Landslide)

  • Time your attacks and push the “Heart” phase on Turn 4.
  • Take out the heart on Turn 8.
  • Defeat Titan within the next 4 turns.

Recommended Units

As this was quite a recent event in Japan, we are lacking tons of units (and Esper) from the Japan build. However, we do have some shitty Global Exclusive units we can bring along.

Tank – Wilhelm, Snow, Sozhe, Cecil

Healer – Refia, Luka, Rem

Support – Ling, Sakura

Attacker – Aileen

The recommended party setup depends on how strong your units are….

For safety – 2 Tanks 2 Attackers 1 Healer 1 Buffer

For NO landslide strat – 1 Tank 2 Healers, 2 Attackers 1 Buffer

* I will update again since Global build is different.


  1. Sakura and a “breaker” are the most important char in this fight, not ling honestly; keep Defensive Barrier, ATK/MAG break and defense up all time and of course a bit luck

  2. This fight let me down a bit. Battle is less based on tactics and skill and instead is RnG based. Got Tumult down to 800 damage each, but when he spams 8 in one turn, no one capable of killing him will survive.

  3. Best I’ve been able to do is be able to beat it with with a single tm of dw and a 5 star base of 780 Reberta w holy spear chaining with an 913 golem equipped Orlandeu friend. Used Cecil Sakura and dual healers of Refia and Yshtola. No dual cast on Refia. Anyone been able to do it without a 5 star base or tm? I honestly don’t see how that’s possible but I may be missing something. This one doesn’t seem fair to some newer, ftp, or non bot earth shrine farmers. At least with the others if you put together the right 3-4 star base team, use the equipment found in the game itself or a recent event, and found the right friend you could take down just about any boss. Not this one though. Thoughts?

    • Claic Yuzolt YouTube channel was able to do it with a “budget team” chaining two Chiz with a friend orlandeu, using a yshtola, a Sakura, and a cecil.(some luck and a TON of lapis as well I’m sure) Either way it’s the best I’ve seen with least amount of tms(he did use one dw) and no 5 star base in primary party.

  4. I just beat Titan after multiple tries/party combos. I tried with Ling and yshtola but wasn’t having much luck. My party did have some tms but here’s what I had. Gilgamesh-stonekiller gengi glove gengi blade durandal blade mastery large sword mastery (I did do fairly well with dw firion with holy weapons as a finisher so maybe he can replace for people without 5 star bases I’m not a whale just got lucky getting gilgamesh)
    Refia: dual cast
    Cecil: black belt hp boosting weapon
    Chizaru dw kikiamori murasame (should have put on esper w/osmose my mistake for item challenge)
    Sakura gigantaxe and as much hp defense as possible
    Stone immunity all
    Orlandu friend with golem
    Kept buffs up and broken. Nobody died and nobody got landslide

  5. Did clear Titan trial after maybe more than 20 tries..
    I bring 2 Setzers (chaining Red Card), Cecil, Y’shtola, Ling (solely for spamming Invigorating Dance), and Orlandeau friend (around 800 atk, chaining DR w/ Setzers and break Titan’s atk)..
    My setup is maybe around this..

    Cecil: Gigantaxe, Grand Helm, Force Armor, Black Belt, Gold Armlet, 4x Guardian Helm materia
    Y’shtola: All exclusive eqp, Gold Armlet, 2 of her TMR and some HP materia
    Ling: Survival Edge, Tabby Suit, 2x Muscle Belt, some HP materia
    Setzer 1: DW Enhancer and Kangaroo, Survival Vest, Ifrit Claw, Domination Ring, Atk 30% and some HP materia
    Setzer 2: Second Knife and Phantasmal Blade, Domination Ring, some Follower’s Oath materia

    Stacking HP materia is important for surviving those Tumult spam, I have average HP of 5k for all my party (Cecil has 6,7k HP). Spam Cecil LB when you can as you need to get your buff up aside of breaking Titan’s atk. On the turn after the heart’s died and Titan use Earthen Fury, evoke Golem or use Y’shtola LB as every 2 turn after that Titan will spam around 6-8 Tumult in one turn. And if you’re using my strategy, just hope those Setzers won’t random jump covering Y’shtola or Ling when the time is not right.. XD


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