Town of Kolts


Treasure Key Box Location
1. Recipe – Dispel
Treasure Chest
2. Iron Ore
3. X-Potion
4. Bacchus’s Wine The Barrel at the entrance
5. White Megacite The 3 bags grouped together
6. Flame Shield (Heavy Shield, Def+36, Spr+8, Fire Resist+50%, Ice Resist -50%
7. Recipe – Earth Drum
8. Rune Staff (Atk+15, Mag+6, Spr+38, Chance to Silence 30%)
9. Gale Key – 2
10. Star Quartz


Fat Chocobo Shop

Item Amount
Elixir 5
Star pendant (Def+3 Immune to Poison) 20
Silver Glasses (Def+3 Immune to Blind) 20
Headband (Attack+3 Immune to Sleep) 20
White Cape (Def+3 Immune to Silence) 20
Black choker (Def+3 Immune to Confuse) 20
Gold Anklet (Def+3 Immune to Petrify) 20
Black Belt (Def +15) 30
Rune Armlet (Def+3 MP+50) 40
Earrings (Def+3 MAG+20%) 50




Quest Name Rewards Details
1. Not Your Normal Thief Holy Crystal
2. More Important than Life Itself Star Quartz
3. Find the man’s Subordinate Recipe – Parry Dagger Pre-requisite – Complete Lost in Dedication


Hidden Quest –

Speak to the Granny in the house to activate the hidden quest in Wind Shrine – Exploration


1. Not Your Normal Thief

You can find the Thief at Wind Shrine – Exploration


2. More Important than Life Itself

Go to this spot at Mobreeze Airship Factory – Exploration.


3. Find the man’s Subordinate

You need to complete Complete Lost in Dedication to unlock this quest.

Step 1 – Grab Quest
Step 2 – Go back to the same man in Dwarf’s Forge Exploration (Where you fight the worm), and talk to him
Step 3 – Return Quest