Trials of Love

Once a year, the Trials of Love appear in the Dimensional Vortex.

Thought of as a test of true love, friendship and camaraderie, only the most faithful can survive! You will come to know your true partners, and find rich rewards that await you, should you be successful in overcoming the trials! Be warned… for the road to true love is one of great hardship…

Featured Rewards

Dungeon Chest Reward
BGN Cupid’s Sandals (ACC: ATK+15, SPR+12 Males only)
INT Cupid’s Robe (Cloth: DEF+12, MAG+30, SPR+30)
ADV Lovely Rod (Rod: ATK+5, MAG+55, SPR+12 Females only)
ELT Trust Moogle 4* | ATK+15%



1 Elven Bow Calamity Gem x 8 X-Potion x 3 Sacred Crystal x 5
2 Chocolate x 5 Prismatic Horn x 8 Chocolate x 5 Faeris’ Writ x 5
3 Phoenix Down x 3 Golden Blade Star Quartz x 3 Rainbow Bloom x 5
4 Divine Crystal x 8 Chocolate x 5 Fuma Shuriken x 3 Calamity Gem x 5
5 Green Megacite x 3 Yellow Megacite x 3 White Megacite x 3 Calamity Writ x 5
6 Red Megacite x 3 Blue Megacite x 3 Black Megacite x 3 Prismatic Horn x 5
7 Rainbow Bloom x 8 Elixir x 3 Scroll of Acumen x 2 Chocolate x 5
8 Faeris’ Writ x 8 Calamity Writ x 8 HP+15% Divine Crystal x 5
Secret Room Cupid’s Sandal Cupid’s Robe Lovely Rod +15% ATK


  • Bring MP Pots, Elixirs, Phoenix Down, Tent, Gold Needle and Remedy
  • Make sure your Healer is equipped with anti-Paralyze/Petrify/Confuse ACC
  • Dual cast on your healer is strongly recommended.

Event Stage


5 7 100
First clear reward
Lapis x 100



10 7 250
First clear reward
Rare Summon Ticket x 1



13 7 4350 5600 300
First clear reward
Lapis x 100



18 7 7150 7000 350
First clear reward
4* Trust Moogle



Manasa – Demon
LV – 99
HP – 256,000
MP – 640
+30% Dark Resist | +20% Ice, Lightning, Water, Earth Resist | – 30% Holy Resist
Immune to all
  • Beware of her Petrify and Paralyze skill
Huitaca – Avian
LV – 99
HP – 256,000
MP – 530
+30% Holy Resist | +20% Ice, Fire, Water, Earth Resist | – 30% Dark Resist
Immune to all


  • It can apply Disease and Blind on your team
  • Take note: if you’re using Excalibur, it has 30% Holy Resist
Neith – Demon
LV – 99
HP – 416,000
MP – 940
+100% Earth Resist | +30% Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Wind Resist | -15% Holy, Dark Resist
Immune to all


  • AOE Lightning Damage
  • AOE Earth Physical damage
  • Keep Focus up and Attack Break to reduce damage
Cagn – Insect
LV – 99
HP – 448,400
MP – 780
+30% Ice, Lightning, Water, Wind, Earth, Holy Resist | -30% Dark Resist
Immune to all


  • Able to cast Confuse and Blind
  • Take note: if you’re using Excalibur, it has 30% Holy Resist and it’s HP is actually quite thick.
Herne – Beast
LV – 99
HP – 460,510
MP – 800
+30% Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Wind, Dark Resist | -30% Holy Resist
Immune to all


  • Able to cast Silence and Disease
  • It’s Scratch (AOE Physical) ability can be quite painful so keep your DEF up and try to reduce it’s attack.
Limnad – Fairy
LV – 99
HP – 782,000
MP – 1530
+80% Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind Resist | -20% Earth, Holy, Dark Resist
Immune to all


  • Able to cast AOE Wind, Lightning, Water damage
  • Keep Focus up and Magic Break her if possible
  • Barthundara to at least reduce one of its AOE damage.
  • She can heal, Osmose and Drain HP


Abraxas – Dragon
LV – 99
HP – 1,000,000
MP – 1250
+50% Resist to all | -10% Holy and Dark Resist
Immune to all


Ability Effect
Double Break Breath 210% AOE Magic Fire & Ice Element, -50% ATK/DEF for 3 turns
Aurora Bite Single Target 260% Holy Physical damage , -50% MAG/SPR debuff for 3 turns, 30% Blind, 50% Paralyze (2 hits).
Dragon Voice AOE Full break. Triggers on LB or Esper Evoked. 
Swallow Instant KO. Will use Swallow on 2 units every 3 turns if damaged by Magic
Sinister Headbutt 230% ST Dark Physical Damage + 80% chance to inflict Disease (4 hits)
Release 400% Magic AoE , 100% Blind/Silence (5 hits)
Headrush 230% ST Physical + 50% chance to Paralyze (4 hits).
HP Thresholds At 70%, 50%, and 30%, Abraxas will use Double Break Breath + Sinister Headbutt and End Turn. The next turn, Abraxas will use Release.


  • Keep Barblizzara and Barfira up to mitigate the damage from Double Break Breath
  • Keep DEF/SPR Up
  • Magic Attackers are not recommended unless you can kill it within 3 turns
  • Try not to use LB or Esper prevent Full Break
  • If you cannot kill it within 3 turns with your best party, bring along COD to help mitigate damage and cure status ailments.

Who to bring?

This event favors a Physical party as most Bosses are resistant to the basic Elements (except Dark and Holy). If your units are Mage heavy, bring along Mages with DC Ultima or Meteor capabilities.

Note: The 3 new banner units are actually good for the event.

Tank (1): 

Cecil is your best option as he can help mitigate damage, Heal and cast Focus.

Healer (1): 

Refia’s Embolden can help to quickly take down Bosses before they are able to attack. However, you will need to have a party of strong Physical Attackers to fully reap the benefits of Embolden.

Ling’s Dance of Life can help to cure all status ailments that are dealt on your team. However, do remember to equip an ACC with the ability to block Petrify and Paralyze.

Others – Luka and Tilith

Support (Optional):

Cloud of Darkness can help remove status ailments and buff elemental resistance to the team.

Attackers (2-3):

Noctis > Luneth > Gilgamesh > Randi > Your best Physical Attackers

Lightning is not preferred here (but I’m not saying she’s at the bottom of the list….) as she is better with her Elemental Attacks which in this event, will not see her full potential. However, if she’s your in your Best Attacker category, of course you use her duhz…


    • Actually in every level of Exploration (Bgn, Int, Adv and Elt) has hidden room just before the boss, but you have to defeat the final boss first to get there.

  1. Holy crap… was two rounds away from killing the last boss last boss and then he killed my healer. then he wiped me out the next round. Wish I had a better healer. When does six star tlith come out. 🙁

  2. Thanks for the guide! I was so confused when I couldn’t find the cupid sandels and it turned out to be BS secret rooms hidden from the map.

  3. I beat it lightning exdeath randi refia Cecil and friend lightning. Im pretty sure you could use someone else instead randi because didn’t help much the final boss other than giving ethers to others. Just make sure always have def att mag and spr up with refi a and Cecil. Finally got that dual wield that 5% moogle. Super stoked!!!

  4. Yeah……… Don’t listen to this. Lightning works just fine people. In fact, her strong native mp regen makes her better than most phys attackers for this event.

    620 Lightning, 450 Lightning, 5K hp Cecil, 310sp Tilith, 380sp Luka, and an 750 Noctis Friend basically made this cake for me.

    Deep Blue, Rainbow Veil, and Provoke at the start of every fight. Then I just wailed on every boss with Warp Break, Point Warp, alternating Crushing Blow, and normal attacks (to fill limits). Reapply buffs, heal, and ether as needed.

    With Cecil and Lightning providing off heals, only my Tilith died once during the last fight, and I immediately had her back to full with Comeback and Deep Blue.

    • Tillith and Luka were good calls. I used COD, Refia, Cecil, Ling, Luneth, and friend Noctis and omniveil almost wasn’t enough to make it through. Deep blue, while not offensive, is an awesome survivability ability. I think I may use her more during the longer fights.

      • Yeah. It really is. When 6 star Tilith rolls around, i imagine that combo is going to be getting me through most of the future uber advanced content.

  5. Whoever wrote this is a moron.

    Randi is fucking literal trash. What, did you take a look at the JP tier list and thought he was good in global?

    • A tad harsh. While I agree Randi is less than impressive, the fact that he is the only 6* attacker(to my knowledge) with a natural dragon killer passive would likely be why he was listed. His other killer passives would probably be helpful as well. Wasn’t one of the bosses considered a fairy creature?

    • i have seen japanese randis ( with enhancements to 1550 attack ) might not be great now but becomes a supreme beast. people playing japanese were like wow the literal worst 5* min character becomes one of the best.

      • True, but we don’t know when, or even if, that will ever happen in global. Gummi may decide to take a completely different path and, just for amusement, say, upgrade Shadow to a godlike 6 star instead of other units. Not likely, but…

      • What part of “in global” did you not understand?
        Randi is garbage in global.

        And with the way scumi keeps fucking over global, you’re not even certain that he’ll get the same enhancements as JP.

        If you want dragonkillers, use your worthless friend points and get the TMR from that 2 star dragoon

  6. Does a magic party have the survivability for the elite stage? My secondary game is mostly magic users. I do have Dark Fina and Exdeath with 528/444 magic respectively. My only physical are Bartz Chiz and Mercedes. I can put dual wield on one of them but that is the only real tm I have farmed.

    • Update: It worked using a defensive party of a dw dark fina 564 magic 4124 hp a cecil 459/5702 a refia 416/4401 a ling 3830 a tillith 2877/254 and a friend chiz with 4324/686. Obviously chiz and fina were my attackers while 3/4 healers support helped enormously if you’re not op.(The chiz is a little but not huge) Took my time and a TON of mp. Ling helped enormously in that respect besides debuff/raise/status.

  7. Anyone with a high physical dmg toon care to land a hand?

    I’m having major troubles with the ELT (I just want that 15% atk…). Here is my party:

    (All max lvl 6 stars)
    Cecil: 4.8k hp / 474 def / 216 sprt
    Luneth: 534 atk
    Refia: 348 sprt / 286 MP
    Ex death: 464 mag / 404 MP
    CoD: 346 atk, 300 mag

    I can survive the fights easily… I just do shit for dmg =(. Hence why I would be eternally greatfull if someone with a high atk character could lend me a hand. My ID is 046 020 557

    If I broke terms of the forum by posting this info or asking for help… sorry! You may delete the post.

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Me the same, can survive but have not enough dps. I havent hight dps friend, if anyone can help Me with this event, i will be very grateful. Id: 380,780,360.

  9. I can help someone out. My Noctis is Equipped with only Trust Masters. 866ATK, 384MAG, 6033HP. My Name is Leet and ill try and add the pair of ids listed above in a few minutes.

    • Hey leet i am scrolling theough these and saw your offed, i was wondering if you and i could friend? i have 449 mg 435 mp Exdeath as main. my friend is 530 039 981 :):)

    • Hey man, would you mind adding me for a few hours? I’ve only got one Noctis friend in my list and I just messed up against the final boss.. would be great to have your help 🙂
      ID is 942 786 644. Thanks in advance
      Main is usually 480 ATK Gilgamesh

  10. ty leet, finished with new hero (Ling) after 40 min, kkkk! but add, and i got dual mage ( Dark Fina ), 550MAG if u need too, i am near Dark bound.

  11. Abraxas ELT was a pretty tough fight. I only have 2xDW farmed for TM. I ran with Cecil, 2x Chizuru (DW 530, DW 460), CoD (460 ATK), Refia, and Noctis friend (665 ATK). Got really close with Dark Fina (800 MAG) friend, but I messed up before a Release. Noctis’ Lightning Flask and Warp Break were pretty beast for the other fights.

    • Have you tried a less offensive party? One more support unit might do it. It would take longer and use more mp but might be worth trying. Swap out your secondary chiz(unless you are relying on the phantom shadow chaining effect?) for another support unit/healer and see how it goes. Worth a shot. I agree. Tough dang battle.

  12. Need some assistance with this event if anyone can help. Here is my team:
    6* Refia – 415 SP
    6* Cecil – 530def / 6200hp
    6* ExDeath – 500mag
    6*CoD – 402 atk (mainly use for Omniveil, bar buffs, etc)
    6* Lightning – 607atk with Excalibur
    My only strong friend is now grinding Miyuki TM, so never has his Noctis on. I have gotten last boss down to about 20% health before dying. Just need a little attack boost to burn him down a round or two quicker. Thanks in advance!

    Also, does anyone know if the last boss’ attacks have any triggers? Or is it all RNG?

    My player id is 604,229,943.


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