Trust Master Reward List

As I do not have all the characters yet, some of the reward names are left in Japanese text. If you do know the English text for the rewards, do leave a comment below!

10面ダイスSazhAccessory7 Star
HP +10%RizerAbility1 Star
HP +30%SalamanderAbility5 Star
MP +30%TellahAbility5 Star
Aquan KillerOllieAbility4 Star
アルシャのお守りEruAccessory6 Star
UltimaTerraAbility8 Star
Aegis ShieldLeoHeavy Shield7 Star
一途な想いPrimmAbility8 Star
PaeanSarahAbility3 Star
受け取る力AceAbility8 Star
ExcaliburCecilBroadsword7 Star
EsunaMariaAbility4 Star
Auto-LimitCloud of DarknessAbility5 Star
斧装備LaniAbility7 Star
Kaiser KnucklesXiaoFist Weapon6 Star
海竜の加護FarisAbility6 Star
CounterSabinAbility4 Star
賢き力QueenAbility8 Star
Blade MasteryChizuruAbility6 Star
CoverClyneAbility3 Star
StoreBaurgAbility1 Star
CamouflageMontanaAbility5 Star
CatchJugglerAbility5 Star
PilferEldinAbility2 Star
Growth EggMediusAccessory8 Star
黒頭巾HayateHat6 Star
GungnirKainSpear6 Star
源氏の小手GilgameshAccessory8 Star
賢者の杖LennaStaff6 Star
コインを盗むThiefAbility5 Star
行動する力NineAbility6 Star
CometGalufAbility5 Star
LullabyLizaAbility1 Star
SakurafubukiMiyukiKatana4 Star
ThundagaKrileAbility6 Star
Thundaga BladeBedileAbility6 Star
SunbeamCarrieAbility4 Star
重盾装備CharlotteAbility7 Star
Equip H ArmorFirionAbility7 Star
守護の刻印SeriaAbility6 Star
純真なる力CinqueAbility5 Star
EvadeCyanAbility4 Star
水神の加護RurukaAbility7 Star
スターグローブLunethAccessory8 Star
Stone KillerKing GiottAbility4 Star
StonraPaulaAbility4 Star
すべてのぼうArcRod7 Star
Save The QueenAgriasBroadsword7 Star
生命のメロディGarnetAbility7 Star
聖女神の守護TilithAbility8 Star
BladeblitzRussellAbility5 Star
閃光のスカーフLightningAccessory8 Star
Equip L SwordGarlandAbility7 Star
Equip S SwordPeneloAbility5 Star
知の力TreyAbility5 Star
Champion BeltSnowAccessory8 Star
Silence DanceSaraiAbility2 Star
杖装備RoseliaAbility5 Star
Death BringerDark Knight CecilBroadsword8 Star
DeprotectMizellAbility3 Star
天使のイヤリングFreyaAccessory6 Star
突貫コンボFencerAbility5 Star
ドラゴンキラーSukahaAbility4 Star
ドリームエイドOveliaStaff7 Star
DrainAnzelmAbility4 Star
Drain BladeRonaldoAbility4 Star
EscapePaulAbility1 Star
ThrowShadowAbility3 Star
Dual WieldZidaneAbility8 Star
認識する力SevenAbility8 Star
NueHopeThrow Weapon7 Star
AimGimleeAbility1 Star
DrinkMelAbility3 Star
Bioga BladeDuaneAbility6 Star
Viking AxeMercedesAxe8 Star
破壊の刻印KarlAbility6 Star
Raging FistKenyuAbility2 Star
BanishLeahAbility2 Star
Power ShotMaxellAbility1 Star
半蔵の小手EdgeAccessory7 Star
光の加護Warrior of the LightAbility7 Star
Fire BeamWedgeAbility2 Star
Firaga ViviAbility6 Star
FiraTronnAbility3 Star
Blizzard BeamBiggsAbility2 Star
BlizzagaRydiaAbility6 Star
FlareKujaAbility7 Star
ブレイサーGaffgarionAccessory7 Star
Brave SuitRamzaGarb8 Star
文武両道IngusAbility5 Star
ヘスの血脈Demon FinaAbility8 Star
ホーリーExdeathAbility7 Star
Holy BladeRakshasaAbility7 Star
Magister CrestVanilleAccessory7 Star
MaximillianVaanArmor7 Star
Machine KillerEdgarAbility4 Star
魔人の胸当てLawrenceBreast Plate7 Star
マナの剣RandiSword8 Star
MAG + 30%ShantottoAbility5 Star
BarrageLunaAbility6 Star
Minerva BustierCelesGarb7 Star
Miracle ShoesCeriusAccessory7 Star
ミラクルステップSoleilAbility7 Star
ムーンフェイスDelitaSword8 Star
無知なる力JackAbility6 Star
TranquilityShikiAbility1 Star
女神の弓RosaBow7 Star
MeteorGolbezAbility8 Star
MentalityRefiaAbility8 Star
槍装備FangAbility5 Star
弓装備ArtemiosAbility5 Star
Dream harpGilbertMusical Instrument7 Star
妖精族の知恵PopoiAbility6 Star
Rising SunLockeThrow Weapon6 Star
雷神の戦術書OrlanduAccessory8 Star
RegenAnastasisAbility4 Star
CleanseFranAbility5 Star
RibbonKefkaAccessory8 Star
DoublehandBartzAbility8 Star
冷静なる力EightAbility5 Star
れんぞくまRyudomiraAbility8 Star
Robe of LordsAlmaRobe7 Star
Romandan PistolMustadioGun6 Star
Dragon KillerSkahaAbility4 Star


  1. Kain – Gungnir
    Duane – Bioga Blade
    Cerius – Miracle Shoes
    Rydia – Blizzaga
    Galuf – Comet
    Xiao – Kaiser Knuckles

  2. I’m just translating what I can read from the kana. I don’t own any of them — I don’t even know if they’ve been released already but here goes.

    Leo – Aegis Shield
    Juggler – Catch
    Medius – Growth Egg
    Agrias – Save The Queen
    Snow – Champion Belt
    Dark Knight Cecil – Death Bringer
    Hope – Nue
    Mercedes – Viking Axe
    Ramza – Brave Suit
    Vanille – Magister Crest
    Alma – Robe of Lords
    Mustadio – Romandan Pistol
    Locke – Rising Sun
    Refia – Mentality
    Gaffgarion – Bracer

    Hope it helps 🙂

  3. Dark knight cecil – deathbringer(desuburinga)
    Sukaha – dragon killer?(duragonkira)
    Mercedes – viking axe (baikinguakusu)
    Exdeath – holy (ho-ri-)
    Gaffgarion – bracer (bureisa)
    Vanille – magister? crest(magisuterukuresute)
    Delita – moon phase(mu-nfeisu) i think
    kefka – ribbon(ribon)

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  5. Lani TM Equip Axe
    Hayate TM Black Cowl
    Alma TM Lordly Robe*
    Shiki TM Mirror of Equity*
    Artemios TM Equip Bow
    Warrior of Light TM Light’s Blessing
    Amarant TM HP +30% (not listed)
    Ludmille TM Dualcast (not listed)
    Delita TM Moonblade

  6. Roselia-Equip Staff
    Garnet-Melody of Life
    Luka-Water God’s Protection-Ability-7*

    Didn’t see Luka or Shera even on the list.


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