Trust Master


  • Trust Master(TM) is a system that rewards with special Abilities or Items after repeatedly using your character in battle. Each character has it’s own unique reward.
  • You will have a chance (~10%) to gain 0.1% TM randomly after every battle. Enhancing your character with the same unit will guarantee a 5% TM. (ie; X+5% will be transferred to the main character where X = the current TM)
  • Once your TM reaches 100%, you will get your reward.
  • There are limited time Mog events in future that will act as a TM Fodder.


Effective Way To Increase Trust Master

The most effective way to increase Trust Master is to train 5 of the same units together to increase the chance of gaining 0.1 TM points. Why? When you bring 1 unit (example Kain) to a dungeon, you will have 10% chance of getting 0.1 TM Points. However, if you bring along 5 Kains, each Kain will have 10% chance of gaining 0.1 TM points. Eventually, all the TM points will be added together to to reach that 100%. Not to forget, each unit you fuse has a base of 5% TM Points which means feeding 4 of the same character into the main character will already net you 20% TM Points. The remaining 80% will be shared amongst the 5 units.

Where do I train?

The best place to train for TM is the Earth Shrine – Entrance/Exit stage. It only cost 1 energy to start the dungeon thus you can actually run it many times before your energy uses up.

Here’s a rough number of how many TM Points you must have in relation to the number of the same units you have to make TM 100%

Number of Same Units TM Needed
2 47.5% each
3 30% each
4 21.25% each
5 16% each