TW QnA Stream – 16 April 2017


The Producers of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius visited Taiwan on 16th April 2017 to attend the Fan Meeting (afternoon) and Live QnA session (evening).

Here is a summary of what is being said in the 90 minutes Live QnA Session.

The next event, will be based on Final Fantasy VI. Along with it comes 3 characters, Setzer, Gau and Trance Terra.

Kefka and Terra will also be upgraded to 6*

I believe we’ll be getting the second part of Mysidia on the last week of April. Players will be able to recruit Sakura and Titan into your party.


Q1 – Can you please release the Esper skill points reset system!?

A – It will be release sooner or later.

Q2 – Currently, the game has progress up to Mysidia. However, as the game progresses further, Players will tend to forget the earlier storylines. Will there be a system, in future, that can enable us to view past storylines.

A – This system is currently in placed on the Japan servers. They are currently being developed for the global version.

Q3 – Can you please introduce to us the concept art for global exclusive characters, or, allow players to submit fanart that can be used as future exclusive characters (currently, Japan has this system in place). 

A – Currently, global exclusive characters are designed based on special occasions (Holidays, seasonal, etc). They are considering doing it for global BUT, they cannot release more information for now. Hint* Players who are interested in submitting their art, you can start drawing now.

Q4 – Can we have Cactuar Dunes weekly?

A – They did consider this before however currently, there are many other sources to acquire Cactuars thus to encourage players to participate in events that gives Cactuars, they will not be implementing Cactuar Dunes every week.

Q5 – I get nothing after spending so much money. This makes it difficult to continue playing the game. Futhermore, the replies from CS is too slow, (Wait until rot). 

A – It is unfortunate that such things happen. However, they hope that players can play the game more and accumulate more luck and who knows, you might end up lucky 1 day and acquire what you want. There are a lot of good characters in the game and even if you are unable to get the character you want, you can try using the others.

As for CS, there are too many different questions and these questions may be handled by different teams. This is the main reason why the replies are slow.

We hope you will still play our game.

Q6 – More raids please. More global exclusive Raids please. 

A – We will do it! Global exclusive ones are also being developed now!

Q7 – Will there be more ingame social systems such as Guilds and or real-time PVP?

A – The development team has been considering it for quite some time now but have yet to come up with an definite answer. However, it is possible that the team will develop the Guild system in the near future.

Q8 – When will we be getting the Dragon Quest Collab, will there be more characters and events?

A – When it comes to game collaboration, the team needs to consider the global player base as a whole. However, Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light is currently published only in Taiwan and Japan thus Players from EU or US may now know what the game is about thus it will least likely be released on Global.

Similar to the latest Ariana Grande event, FFBE decided to collaborate with her since she is a world-wide superstar thus future events will be made based on “global knowledge”

Q9 – We hope to have more Friend Slots. More detailed description for Equipment (ie, the hidden stats are not listed out if it’s not compatible with the UI), also to include these hidden stats in the “filter” so that it can be found easier. Basically, to have more “Fliter” options. 

A – The current UI in the Japan servers have been improved, we’ll have to wait until it is ready for global launch. As for the Friend slots, due to the overwhelming request, they will start thinking how to solve this issue collectively with the Japan version.

We will consider increasing the Friend List by a big amount.

Q10 – Can you let us know the chance of getting the materials needed to craft Ring of Dominion.

A – Keep crafting…. you’ll get it one day.

Q11 – The CNY characters Ling and Yun were not labelled as “limited time characters” on their banner, will there still be a chance to see them in future?

A – In a business standpoint there will definitely be a chance to bring these special characters back. Events (banners) are planned for different occasions targeting special festivals from different countries.

Q12 – Yun has a skill that allows him to increase damage for his normal attack (Inferno Rage) and another skill that allows him to attack twice (Two-Hit Combo). However, Inferno rage is only applied on the first attack not does not include the second attack. Why such a design?

A – Basically, it’s for game balancing.

Q13 –  When will we have the INT version for The Enchanted Maze 

A – Previously, due to limited content (and balance issues), there were no plans to make an INT version for it. However, as the global version have been through some new patches lately, the team will start planning for it. Who knows, we may get 1 soon.

Q14 – The person who asked this question likes the Ariana Grande collab theme song. He asked if there will be a function (in future) to choose the BGM to play ingame or other ways to listen to the BGM. 

A – The FFBE BGM can only be listened ingame or downloaded from iTunes. As for the Ariana Grande theme song, keep playing the stage! (Isn’t it on YouTube too?)

Q15 – Can we have an equipment closet, customized for each character as we constantly have to change our gears to tackle different events or stages. Next, can we have more special Lapis packages or sales for global players?

A – This issue has also been brought up by the Japanese Players. Currently in Japan, PVP and PVE closet can be separated and customized. We are constantly finding ways to make this happen in the near future.

The answer to the Lapis special doesn’t really answer to the question so I shall leave this out.

Extra Question 1 – Can the Bundle of Replenishment (energy) sold in the Bundle Shop, scale to our Player Rank?

A – They will need to consider the overall Ranking of all global players and make necessary adjustments to the bundles sold. Basically, game balancing issues.

Warning: I’m not sure if I get this question correct as I wasn’t around on the live chat to see the question. 

Extra Question 2 – Can we have a special Summon Ticket shard system (I’m not sure if the person who ask the question is talking about combining Summon Tickets or combining characters).

A – This is something they are not considering as they are afraid that Players will keep and consolidate these tickets and not use them which defeats the purpose of giving out summoning ticket. Also, this might end up breaking the balance of the game.


Stay tuned to the one year anniversary event!




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