Underground Town Gaberada

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Circlet
Treasure Chest
2. Platinum Sword
3. Light Megacryst
4. Rune Bow
5. Star Quartz
6. Phoenix Down
7. Aurora Key – 4
8. Star Quartz
9. Aurora Key – 1 *Beast Killer



Quest Compensation
1. Offering to the Gods Star Quartz x 3
2. Ceremony of the Wicked Dragon Helm
3. An Otherworldly Beauty Recipe – Gaia’s Wrath
4. A Young Lady’s Kiss Fairy Ring
5. The Legendary Raven Raven’s Cloak


1. Offering to the Gods

Can be found in Societal Ruins.

2. Ceremony of the Wicked

Step 1 – After grabbing the quest, speak to the guy below:

Step 2 – Head to Gronoah Shrine Entrance – Exploration and defeat the target near the entrance.

Step 3 – Return to client.

4. A Young Lady’s Kiss

After receiving the quest, head to Magi Nation Mysidia and talk to the frog below:

5. The Legendary Raven

Make sure you have completed all the Key quest till date.

Step 1 – After grabbing quest, head to the Orphange at Royal Capital Grandshelt.
Step 2 – Grab the chest from behind the statue mark 2 in the picture below:

Step 3 – Return to client