Upcoming Banners

These are the current Banners that can be data mined from the game. Order is based on the Japanese launch dates. Actual Banner and launch dates may be different in Global. This is page is purely for reference.


Expected Banners


  1. I really appreciate this banner! I’m not surprised they made Brave Frontier Units, but I didn’t expect it to be that soon.
    I wonder how the Tactics units will be.

  2. Why does the Current banner not have lightning and cast on it if this is any bit true it’s seems like the last few banners have been a waste are there any top tier characters coming on any banners soon

    • Maybe it’s wishful thinking but that third banner from the top looks like it has CRONO. If I’m not insane then that’s TOP TIER material right there and I must have it. Though will most likely. E lost the void of rng just like lightning, lunneth, Gilgamesh and now Dark Fina.

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