Visions of Bahamut – Trial

40 1 1135 10000 420
Mission Rewards
Clear Quest 4* Trust Moogle
No Green Magic Bahamut Raid Coin x 10,000
Defeat Shadow Bahamut with Esper King Burst Pot x 1
Party 5 or less Rare Summon Ticket x 2



Shadow Bahamut – Dragon
LV – 100
HP – 6,000,000
MP – 500
+100% Dark Resist, +80% Holy Resist
Immune to all


Attack Pattern
Preemptive Self Buff
Turn 1 and at 40% and every 3 turns Megaflare (1000% Magic Damage)
When HP <70% Poison Breat: 120% Magic Damage with 50% Chance to Poison
When HP <50% Maelstrom: Reduce HP by 99%
After 50%
25% Chance to 160% Magic AOE Magic (Fire/Ice/Water/Earth/Light)
40% Chance to 200% ST Magic


  • Skillsets are almost the same as ELT raid
  • Attack Break works.
  • Keep Focus or Sacred Guard up at all times
  • The trial Bahamut pre-buffs before Turn 1 thus it will cast Megaflare on turn 1.
  • You’ll need to guard/jump during on turn 1. Make sure your HP and SPR is stacked high to withstand the first Megaflare. You need at least 5500 HP with 200 or more SPR to survive Megaflare in Defensive mode. 
  • At 50%, it will cast Maelstrom and reduce your team’s HP to 1%.
  • Before pushing to 40%, make sure you have Focus/Spr buff on. Note: you cannot avoid this 40% phase as you will stop dealing damage at 40%
  • The second Megaflare at below 40% is a soft enrage timer for this fight. It will start casting Megaflare every 3 turns thereafter making the fight very difficult to heal.


Recommended Units

Tank – Cecil
Healer – Refia
Support (Optional) – Marie
Attackers – Anyone with at least 210 SPR with 5500 HP when fully equipped. Jump units preferred. Noctis, Kain, Reberta



Turn 1 – Defend or Jump
Turn 2 – Focus and Heal
Turn 3 to Pre-50% – Attack normally to charge up your Esper Orbs (if you are doing achievement)
Turn before 50% – Get Sacred Guard or Focus up, clear your Poison status. There’s no point healing this phase as he will cast Maelstrom next turn and bring your HP to double digits.
Pre-40% – Do not push 40% if you did not buff Focus before the Pre-50% phase. Take this time to heal up and buff up before pushing 40%.
40% and below – Bring Bahamut’s HP down to comfortable level before casting Esper. Remember to Defend/Jump from Megaflare if you’re not confident.


  1. Minfilia’s elemental resist buffs are not green magic, they are abilities. The “No Green Magic” achievement should be easy to get with her.

  2. Minfilia can only cast one buff at a time, and bahamut uses 5 elements, so she is a poor choice unless you can get 100% resist on other elements from another source… or you take two of her.

    Better off w/ COD or Marie.


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