Wind Shrine – Exploration


Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp
15 70688 627



– Material Pickup Spots.

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Tiger Mask
Treasure Chest
2. Black Megacite
3. Recipe – Osafune
4. Mythril Axe
5. Star Quartz
6. Hyper Wrist
7. Circlet
8. Star Quartz
9. Earth Key – 8
10. Lunar Curtain



Quest name Reward
Q1 – Timeless Memories Recipe – Mythril Shield


Q1 – Timeless Memories

  1. Talk to the old lady in the secret room in Town of Kolts (Below the stairs).
  2. Get Letter from the Spot marked above.
  3. Return to the Old lady.


Q2Not Your Normal Thief 

Monsters Ziggurat Gigas, Dragon Junior, Treant, Ninlil, Monster Effigy, Medusa, Pawn, Vamplant, Green Soul,
Boss Terror Knight <— 1 Hit with Raise or Phoenix Down



Drops Pickup
Scripture of Time, Allure Powder, Farplane Soul, God’s Reliquary, Esper Crys, Heaven’s Ash, Talmonite of Life, Book of Ruin, Quality Parts, Seed of Life, Quality Stone, Gaia’s Tear, Pearl of Wisdom, Green Fluid, Mystic Ore, Aqua Pearl, Farplane Soul Iron Ore, Ice Crys, Ice Megacrys, Silver Ore, Water Crys, Water Megacrys, Mythril Ore, Light Crys, Light Megacrys