April 2017 Week 2 Update


There’s a bunch of new stuff in today’s “Notice” and here’s a breakdown on what’s going to happen this week!

Let’s start with the most important event first; Maintenance.

Maintenance will happen tomorrow instead of the usual Thursday.

Period: Tuesday 4/11 23:00 – Wednesday 4/12 7:00 PDT

After maintenance, our first batch of units are finally ready to awaken their abilities. Similar to the unit’s Awaken mechanic, the Ability Awakening aims to increase the power of certain abilities. To do that, you’ll need to collect new materials called the Alcryst.

Players can farm Alcryst from the brand new Chamber of Gems. However, the highest rarity Alcryst can only be gotten from certain events.

Alcryst Type
White White Magic
Black Black Magic
Green Green Magic
Power Attack Type
Guard Defense Type
Healing Healing Type
Support Support Type
Tech The Others


Featured Summon

Once again, we have another Lightning and Medius rate up banner. Since both will be included in the first batch of Ability Awakening, why not put them in a banner?

We will have The Egg Seekers part 2 which should be happening right after maintenance tomorrow. Heavicrysts should be the 3* version of Alcryst.

Everyone’s favourite girl is back with a new challenge stage event! Basically, the Dangerous Woman Tour will be added with a brand new difficulty level called “The Stage”. Looking at the achievements, you might want to bring your best Mage team along.

Mission Rewards
Clear Quest Lapis x 100
Dangerous Ariana in Party
No Abilities used 4* Trust Moogle
Don’t Die Rare Summon Ticket x1



A brand new trial is here. This one is actually quite complicated and it took me quite some time to organize the guide from all over the places. It is not really complete but you guys can take a look at it here. I wonder how SE is going to buff this 2 boss again….


That’s about all the major events happening this week. Don’t forget, we’ll also be having Cactuar Dunes the Friend Point (x5) Banner event!



  1. Nice , after i got the new 4+ tickets .. i used it to get Fryevia ,, but i got Orlandeau .. i do not know should i be happy or sad as this is the 2nd Orlandeau in my team 😛

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