April Update – At a Glance


Some of you might have noticed from the ingame Notice that we’ll be having a Global Exclusive Event this week! Also, there are tons of new updates coming up in April that were mentioned in the latest Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Updates video.

Here’s a summary of what’s going to happen this April:

First up, we have a Spring event, The Egg Seekers! Basically, this is an event to make sure that Players are advancing their main storyline. Throughout the event period, Players can obtain Metal Eggs and other coloured Eggs by defeating Monsters in the wild. The higher the level of the Exploration, the higher the drop rate.

Metal Eggs are used as currencies to summon all kinds of rewards such Cactuars, Turtles and even Trust Moogles. The coloured eggs are used as Crafting materials. This is pretty similar to the Mooncake event.

Next up, we have 3 new Global Exclusive units coming this Friday. At a glance, all of them have some pretty interesting Trust Master Rewards. As for unit performance, we’ll have to wait till maintenance before we can see their full Skill Tree.

Who doesn’t love this girl??????????? A new difficulty will be added for the Dangerous Woman Event. Apparently, there’s a new interesting ability added to this new difficulty level. This “Ability” can be equipped by everyone but will give some additional bonus when equipped on Ariana Grande.

The long awaited Ability Awakening Update will finally be hitting the Global version. This is a feature that Players can use to enhance or empower your unit’s Ability. Do note that abilities that can be “awakened” are fixed. Not all abilities can be “awakened” The Gil sink is finally here!


In the video, they did answer 5 QnAs which I think they give mostly useless answers. However, there is an interesting question which I would like to highlight (although they reply with the same old vague answer).

Ans: We are thinking about it, MAYBE.


The video ended with the Fanart contest. Some of them are really nice and you should watch the video to check it out!


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