Aquatic Cove – Exploration


Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp
10 63861 447



 – Material Pickup Spots

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Watera Sword
Treasure Chest
2. Remedy
3. Blue Fang
4. Ice Megacrys
5. Giant’s Axe
6. Recipe – White Fang
7. Star Quartz
8. Mystery Veil (Def+7, Spr+16)


Monsters Killer Fish, Zombie, Yellow Soul, Sea Scorpion, Sleepy, Aqua Elemental, Xiphactinus, Poison Toad, Akhkhazu
Boss Abhorrent One (160,000HP): -50% Fire, +50% Ice,
50% Resist to all Status, Immune to Petrify


Drops Pickup
Deepsea Bloom, Book of Ruin, Esper Crys, Rainbow Needle, Pearl of Wisdom, Crimson Tear, Life Orb, Talmonite of Life, Corpse Fly, Rockbeetle Husk, Chromatic Ooze, Gaia’s Tear, Esper’s Tear, Scripture of Time Mythril Ore, Light Crys, Light Megacrys, Magicite, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Blue Megacite, Water Crys, Water Megacrys


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