August Week 3 Update: Ariana Grande Collab, Malboro Trial, New Awakenings


It feels like a lot of things are going to happen this week so let me break it down for you!

Maintenance will start as usual on Thursday. It’s scheduled to last for 6 hours.

After maintenance:

The Great Malboro Trial 

Our second Global Exclusive Trial will be live after maintenance tomorrow. The rewards are actually pretty decent for Magic units so stay tuned to our guide section here.

Awakened Warriors

Well… just know she’s getting her 6*… that’s about it… next!

Ability Awakening

For all Marie owners, she’s going to be even stronger after maintenance! As for the other units… I guess they are no game changing ones except for maybe Soleil. She gets a chance to buff 1 of the 4stats to 100% (120%). However, since it’s only for a turn, I’m not really digging it. We shall continue to wait for #theRamzaemhancementthatwillnevercome.

A Musical Showdown

On Friday, my favourite Bae will be back with another special event. Stay tune to the event guide here as I’ll be updating them once the event goes live.

Malboro Banner

Unless you’re a new player or for some weird reason do not own a Warrior of Light, you can and you should SKIP THIS.


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