brachiosaur_infoDisclaimer: Guide based on the Japan Build of the game. I will edit accordingly once our global version is released!



You’ll need to equip yourself with high DEF and SPR as Brachiosaur is packed with high Attack and High Magic Spells (Meteor and Ultima).

Items: Protect Ring, Barrier Ring


As usual, Full Break is a must to dampen the damage output from Brachiosaur. Bring along a healer with Esuna because you won’t know which status debuff it will hit.

Brachiosaur is weak against Ice-element. Bring along Ice-based magic if you’re going with a Magic or hybrid party.

Lastly, since Brachiosaur will be able to cast Snort, which randomly removes a party member away from battle, you will want to bring along 2-3 units with Cura.

Other important Abilities – EsunaBarrage, Cura/Curaja, SPR +10%, DEF +10%, Focus

Brachiosaur Attack Pattern


No. Skill Effect
1 Attack ST (500-1000 damage)
Hits 3 times if HP is more than 50%
Hits 2 times + Magic Focus if HP is below 50%
2 Disaster 20% chance to Confuse, Sleep or Blind on everyone.
3 Snort Randomly removes a party member from battle
4 Meteor AOE Non-Elemental Damage (700-1300)
5 Spin ST Physical attack (~1500)
6 Focusing Magic Power Charge up for Ultima next turn (when HP is 50% or less)
7 Ultima AOE Magic Attack ~ 1500 dmg


It’s difficult to explain the Boss’s attack pattern as the fight does not have a specific pattern but rather, it has a chance of casting any of the above skills(except Ultima).


The Fight

As complicated as it may sound, the boss is actually pretty easy if you’re going in with a full lvl 80 party or a team full of Barrage.

  • If it casts Snort on the first turn, it’s better to just restart the fight since it cost 0 energy.
  • Keep Full-Break Up at all times to reduce damage intake.
  • Ice-based spells are your best friend (so is Barrage).
  • Esuna is important in this fight. You can also bring alot items that cures confuse and Blind. You can target your character (tap and hold your character > press target) and hit it to wake him/her up from Sleep.
  • Remember to top up everyone’s HP and Full Break (Focus if possible) before it casts Ultima when it’s HP is at/below 50%. You can also set everyone in Defensive mode to further reduce the damage received.

Recommended Units

There are 2 options for you to consider for your party. One, a Physical Barrage party or Two, a hybrid party

Physical Barrage Party – 1 Breaker (with Cura), 3 Physical Attackers (Barrage preferred), 1 Healer
Hybrid Party –  1 Breaker (with Cura), 3 Attackers (mix of Phy and Mag), 1 Healer


Breaker – Vaan / WoL > Duane
Physical Attackers – Barts, Chiziru, Firion, COD, Garland
Magic Attackers – Kefka, Exdeath, Tellah, Vivi, Shanttoto
Support – Terra, Cecil, Celes
Healer – Lenna, Fina, Roselia, Krile



brachiosaur_rewardPlayers will be rewarded with a Killer Bow for clearing Brachiosaur for the first time.

Stats: ATK +60, Bird/Plant/Insect Killer