Character Score 4-Star

This list is based on the Japanese Build. Some of the characters we have on global now will be buffed and get it’s 5* variant in a later patch. So if you don’t find your 4* character here, head on to the 5* section.

ImageNameRealmSpecialtyPoints / 100
sabinSabinFF6Physical Attack60
shantottoShantottoFF11Magic Attack60
edgarEdgarFF6Physical Attack60
anzelmAnzelmFFBEMagic Attack, Recovery60
viviViviFF9Magic Attack55
cyanCyanFF6Physical Attack55
lunaLunaFFBEPhysical Attack50
clyneClyneFFBEPhysical Attack50
russellRussellFFBEPhysical Attack, Defender50
laniLaniFF9Physical Attack, Magic Attack50
bedileBedileFFBEPhysical Attack, Magic Attack40
magitek armor terraMagitek Armor TerraFF6Magic Attack40
shadowShadowFF6Physical Attack35