Character Score 6-Star

All scores are based on various Japanese Wiki. Some of the characters might not have a 6* variant in our current patch. Their rarity cap will be increased on a later date.

Note: Scores might change as and when Alim decides to Buff/Nerf Characters.

ImageNameRealmSpecialtyPoints / 100
lightningLightningFF13Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Debuff100
lunethLunethFF3Physical Attack98
cecilCecilFF4Physical Attack95
exdeathExdeathFF5Magic Attack95
cloudofdarknessCloud of DarknessFF3Physical Attack, Recovery, Buff, Debuff94
chizuruChizuruFFBEPhysical Attack93
queenQueenFF Type-0Physical Attack, Recovery92
aceAceFF Type-0Magic Attack92
refiaRefiaFF3Recovery, Buff92
gilgameshGilgameshFF5Physical Attack92
mercedesMercedesFFBEPhysical Attack91
bartzBartzFF5Physical Attack91
nineNineFF Type-0Physical Attack90
delitaDelitaFF TacticsPhysical Attack, Buff, Debuff90
snowSnowFF13Physical Attack, Buff90
ramzaRamzaFF TacticsPhysical Attack89
dkcecilDK CecilFF4Physical Attack88
sevenSevenFF Type-0Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Buff, Debuff88