Cruel Beast Cerberus

Global Changes:


15 1 1117 10000 365
Mission Rewards 
Clear Quest Trust Moogle 4*
Use Limit Break Token x 10000
Clear without using Green Magic and Items Lightning Elemental Resistance +15%
Party with 5 or less members Ulric’s Kukri (Dagger: ATK+84, SPR+20, All Elemental Resistance +10%, MP+20%)
First clear reward
Trust Moogle 4*



Behemoth – Beast
LV – 99
HP – 4,000,000
MP – 5,000
+0 Poison | Immune to all


BOSS / Behavior Pattern
Fiaraga 200% AOE Fire Magic Damage
Predation Instant death attack (30% Chance)
Eatup ST Physical ATK + -50% DEF for 3 turns
Tail AOE Physical ATK
Sigh of a flame AOE Fire Physical ATK
Fire Nail ST Fire Physical ATK
Roar AOE Physical ATK + Self Dispel
Great Blast AOE Physical ATK + Self Dispel + 50% Chance to Paralyze


  • Full-Break Works
  • Beast Killer effective
  • Equip your units with Fire Resistance
  • Do not bring Shiva
  • Consider using Poison attacks
  • Equip Safety Bit (Genji Shield) on Tank to prevent instant death.

The fight is pretty simple since Cerberus does not have any elemental Resistance. The difficult part would probably be staying alive until you have gathered enough LB Crystals to cast LB once.

Recommended Units

Tank – WoL, Earth Veritas, Wilheim

Support – Rikku

Healer – Ayaka, Tilith, Rem, Y’shtola

Attackers – Onion Knight, Tidus, Firion, Dark Veritas, Fryevia, Orlandeau, Aileen


My Team:

WoL – Tank
1 x Orlandeau – Debuff
2 x Orlandeau – Attack for LB crystals
Tilith – Buff and Heal