Dark Ifrit and Dark Siren

Global Changes:

  • Ifrit is no longer weak to water but instead, Ice.
  • Added 2 more difficulty level for Trial.
  • You can now DEF/SPR Break Ifrit.


10 1
Mission Rewards
Clear Quest Lapis x 30
Deal fire and ice damage to an enemy Fire Mega Cryst x 5
Use Black Magic Screamroot x 3
No Items Sacred Crystal x 5
First clear reward
50 Lapis


20 1
Mission Rewards
Clear Quest Lapis x 50
Deal Dark Damage Ice Megacryst x 5
Use Green Magic Star Quartz x 3
Evoke an Esper Mini Burst Pot x 3
First clear reward
100 Lapis



40 1 1460 130000 1200
Mission Rewards
Clear Quest Lapis x 100
Evoke Siren and Ifrit 5* Trust Moogle
Don’t Die Great Sword Mastery (+50% Attack when equipped with L Sword
Party of 5 or less Siren’s Robe (Robe: DEF+30, MAG/SPR +40, Immune to Sleep and Silence)
First clear reward
Ifrit’s Claw (Acc: ATK+30, HP+10%, Fire Resist +20%, Blind Resist)

Overview (For Elt only)

The fight is designed for Players to take down both bosses simultaneously. When one of the boss is dead, the remaining boss will be enraged. To make things worst, it will heal back all it’s HP and buff itself, making the fight difficult.

However, if you’re going for the “1 by 1” route, you will need to consider your team’s composition and gear to decide who to kill first. If your team has high Water resistance and are not MP dependent or you’re able to recover MP reliably, kill Ifrit first. If you can stack Fire resistance more reliably, kill Siren first. Take note: If you’re doing the 1 by 1 route, make sure your AOE attacks will not cause the “remaining boss”‘s HP to drop below 50% to avoid the threshold skill from stacking. 

Increase Fire/Water/Dark Resistance

  • Dark Ifrit and Siren will both cast skills that have high Fire, Water and Dark Elemental Damage
  • Make sure you have at least 50% resistance to all 3 elements (after buff).
  • The key to this fight is how much resistance you can stack on each character based on the above 3 elements.
  • Do no equip Shiva, Ramuh and Carbuncle
  • Marie’s “Love You All” and CoD’s “Omni-Veil” are both useful buffs for the fight.

Status Ailments

  • There are 3 status ailments to look forward to in this fight
  • Sleep, Confuse and Silence
  • Make sure your Healer(s) and Tank are properly equipped with accessories that can prevent these status ailments.
  • Make sure you always remember to Dispel buffs.

Equipment for Resistance

Equipment Type Fire Water Dark
Ifrit’s Claw Accessories ↑ 20%
Fire Ring Accessories ↑ 5%
Blaze Ring Accessories ↑ 10%
Red Ring Accessories ↑ 15%
Infernal Armlet Accessories ↑ 20%
Water Ring Accessories ↑ 5%
Tide Ring Accessories ↑ 10%
Water God’s Amulet Accessories ↑ 20%
Soluna Ring Accessories ↑ 15%
Cupid’s Sandles (male only) Accessories ↑ 20%
Soluna Band Accessories ↑ 25%
Angel Earrings Accessories ↑ 50%
Rainbow robe Robe ↑ 30% ↑ 30%
Cupid’s Robe Robe ↑ 20%
Survivor Helm Helmet ↑ 10%
Flame Mail Heavy Armor ↑ 50%
Force Armor Heavy Armor ↑ 10%
Demon Mail Heavy Armor ↑ 20%
Force Shield Heavy Shield ↑ 10%
Flame shield Heavy Shield ↑ 50%
Crimson Slayer Light Armor ↑ 25%
Minerva Bustier Cloth ↑ 30%
Maiden’s Vestment Cloth ↑ 10%
Soul Crown Hat ↑ 5% ↑ 5% ↑ 5%



Dark Ifrit – Beast
LV – 100
HP – 700,000  (150,000 for ADV | 350,000 for PRO)
MP – 2000
+200% Fire and Dark Resist | -50% Ice Resist
Immune to all


Attack Pattern
Dark Mist AOE -10% Dark Resists for 5 turns (3 turns in Japan)
ST 170% Physical Attack
+50% ATK/MAG +100% DEF/SPR Self buff for 1 turn
ST 200% Magic Fire/Dark Elemental Damage
AOE 200% Magic Fire/Dark Elemental Damage
AOE 380% Magic Fire/Dark Elemental Damage
ST 300% Physical Attack
ST 500% Magic Fire/Water/Dark Elemental Damage
  AOE 450% Magic Fire/Water/Dark Elemental Damage
  AOE 800% Magic Fire/Water/Dark Elemental Damage
  AOE 999% Magic Fire/Water/Dark Elemental Damage
Self Dispel
+100% MAG Buff to Self for 1 turn
AOE 999% Phyical Attack
Dark Siren seems to be possessed! 100% DEF/SPR + 300% Water 999 Turns self buff + 9,999,999 Self Heal + AoE -30% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR debuff for 3 turns
+50% ATK/MAG Self buff for 1 turn


Do not:

  • Don’t hit Ifrit with fire in the round that he is preparing his threshold skill: Triggers 100% MAG self-buff.
  • Don’t debuff Ifrit’s DEF/SPR: Triggers 50% ATK/MAG self-buff.
  • Don’t drop Ifrit past more than one HP threshold at a time, unless you are sure you can kill him. Take him down one threshold at a time, letting him release his threshold skill each time. Otherwise he will respond with a 999% physical AOE.
  • Don’t drop Ifrit below the 50% threshold if Siren is alive and has less than 50% health.
Dark Siren – Bird
LV – 100
HP – 700,000 (150,000 for ADV | 350,000 for PRO)
MP – 2000
+200% Ice, Water and Dark Resist | -50% Fire Resist
+50% Resistance to Blind | Immune to all


Do Not:

  • Don’t blind Siren: triggers 50% ATK/MAG self-buff, status removal, AOE 500% water/dark magic with 100% sleep/silence.
  • Don’t hit Siren with fire while she is preparing for her threshold skill UNLESS you have your party buffed with wind resistance.
Attack Pattern
Cura AOE 100,000 HP Heal
Curaga AOE 9,999,999 HP Heal
Hero’s Song 50% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR Party Buff for 5 turns (3 turns in Japan)
Song of Temptation ST 100% Confuse (Stop using during Enraged)
Treatment Self Cure Status
Dark Water ST 200% Magic Water/Dark Elemental Damage
Dark Waterga AOE 200% Magic Water/Dark Elemental Damage
  ST 400% Magic Fire/Water/Dark Elemental Damage
  AOE 400% Magic Fire/Water/Dark Elemental Damage
Self Dispel
AOE 600% Magic Fire/Wind Elemental Damage
50% MAG Buff + Self Cure Status
AOE 400% Magic Water/Dark Elemental Damage + 70% chance to Sleep
Chaotic Voice AOE 500% Magic Water/Dark Elemental Damage + 100% chance to Sleep/Silence
+100% ATK/MAG + 300% Fire Resist Self Buffs for 999 turns + 9,999,999 Heal Self
+50% ATK/MAG +100% DEF/SPR self buff for one turn
AoE 800% Magic Fire/Water/Dark Elemental Damage +100% Sleep
Osmose ST MP Leech (Start using when Enraged)


The Fight

  • Stack as much Resistance (at least 50% with buff) as you can on all your units.
  • Power Break works on Ifrit – Global DEF/SPR Break works
  • Def/SPR Break works on Siren (optional)
  • Make sure you Dispel all their buffs at the start of the battle.
  • Keep your Fire/Water/Dark Elemental Buffs up at all times.
  • Both bosses will “Charge” for a turn before using it’s threshold skill (70/50/30). It is important for you to dispel their charges before the skill lands.
  • If you are not able to kill either 1 of the bosses in 1 hit, DO NOT drop more than one HP threshold as it will wipe your team the next turn.
  • If Ifrit drops below the 50% HP threshold while Siren is below 50% HP and alive, Ifrit will nuke the party with a 999% fire/water/dark magic AOE.
  • When the other way round, Siren will perform some extra attack that does lesser damage than Ifrit’s nuke.
  • If you’re going to do the simul-kill strat, make sure you bring Ifrit down to 50% and allow him to fire off his threshold skill first, while keeping Siren above 50%.


Those of you who watched my stream saw me cheese it with 4 Orlandeaus and 1 Ariana. I’m still trying my best to figure out how to do it without cheesing it so that you can actually complete the Esper achievement. However, this fight is more gear dependent rather than Unit dependent.

For now:

Tank – Cecil

Healer – Refia,

Support – Marie, CoD, Minfilia, Ling

Attacker – Orlandeau, Firion

Budget team:


  1. I did it 3 times, first 2 cecil, Refia, Minfilia & Orlandu friend. Had to redo to get GS mastery cause Orlandu died first round since friend unit didnt gear for resistances, used up almost all my mana items and stupidly forgot Refia isn’t immune to sleep

    2ns time: 2-Turn KO second round to get GS mastery, Chiz x2 Ling to break, firion with bushido freedom, Orlandu + Orlandu friend >bushido first then break then 38 hit chain to one shot Ifrit, Siren heals then repeat

    Both chiz hand dual wield kazekiri (one materia and one 2nd knife), firion had 717 atk and orlandu 804

    3rd time, used friend’s phone: Snow, Ling, Minfilia, Yshtola + 929 Orlandu (Friend / My unit with GS mastery) ling the mana battery makes a huge difference

    4th time later will try on another friend’s phone: WKN, Marie, Refia, Noctis + my orlandu


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