Event – Festival of the Autumn Moon


Hurray~ Here we are with another global exclusive content! Are your wallets ready?


Follow Rain and his friends to defeat the monsters that are stealing the ingrediants for the Mogcakes!




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This event is a must do if want to farm Trust Mogs to increase your TM fast! Also, the Stellar Shield is definitely a must get for ExDeath. It’s the only shield in the world (Yes including JP) that has MAG on it. As for the Lunar Pestle, if it’s a Mace, it’ll be the best weapon for COD at the moment (unless you have a Locke).

In my opinion, the rewards for this event is definitely the best so far. However, there is one sentence that is irking me in the announcement: “Better recipes will be available in the bundle shop to enhance the mogcake-crafting process!” Just when I thought I can save money this week…….. Hopefully, this bundle isn’t going to be too expensive >.<

For more information on this event, please remember to check the guide here!



  1. Bundle is for newbs who aren’t strong enough to complete the event (or just have too much money to waste), right?

    Doesn’t seem like it’s necessary.

    • i got a feeling… the bundle recipe will require either a. lesser mats to craft or b. lesser time needed to craft.

      We’ll know tmr 😀

  2. Dwarfs forge, also has best soundtrack in the game. I’m not so sure we’ll need the bundle unless your an irregular player. The drop rate for mats is high but you only get 6 cakes for clearing. Also I recommend farming until you get no more random encounters before fighting the boss as it seems encounter rate drops after he is killed. Sorry for flooding.

    • There is no place, you just kill mobs for items to craft to give to king mog.

      Kill mobs, get cake ingredients, make cakes from crafting, trade in. Done. Do Dwarven Forge explore.

  3. Event is live, simply do quests and kill monsters, as indicated the harder the content the reward multiplier increases significantly. I HIGHLY recommend buying the premium recipe, which is cheap TY Gumi ftp players have a chance. The rewards are overpriced but incredibly rare you need the premium recipe to have a chance at all this rare loot.

  4. After 4 30 minute farm runs averaging 10-15 mog cake, 100 coarse rock sugar, 200 lotus paste, 450-500 fine flour and 50 brown Egg per run. We may need to unlock around 3 synthesis slots to be effective if your playing regularly

  5. All recipes have same rate just slightly lower mat requirements. Basic is 15 min for 45 so 180/hr. Rare is 3hr for 540 so 180/hr. Premium is 8hr for 1440 so 180/hr. The real way to ensure you make most is farm dwarves forge hard and more importantly have all 4 item crafting slots open. No matter how you slice it, with this setup the max is 17280 cakes/day without speeding crafting with lapis (which is also enormously more beneficial if you have premium recipe)

  6. the drop rate for Fine flour seems to have been drop!! I am not getting enough, as of yesterday and today…they must have done something to it…


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