Event – Final Fantasy XII Week


It’s here guys!! The week where all of you will start pulling for Vaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Featured Summon 

First up, we have the Final Fantasy XII Featured banner! There are 3 new units to pull including the global exclusive Zargabaath. I’m surprised they did not include Penelo in the banner. Anyway, the four units are more of a Supportive, or Tank role. As a unit, you don’t really need them in your party (they are still good though) however, they do have very powerful TM rewards that you might want to try Summoning for.

2. Awakened 

Well… what can I say… even with the new 5* rarity, Penelo is still bad. On the other hand, Vaan becomes slightly better as he gains a 8hit Chain attack with a +30% ATK Buff at 6*.

3. Henne Mines

A new Mog King event is here! This time, Rain and his crew will head to Henne Mines of FF12.


As usual Check out the guide here. Also, there should be a trial for this event coming next week.

4. Cactuar Dunes

Yes the new Cactuar Dunes will be opened this weekend. Hurry and grab those Cactuars to level your new toys!


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