Event – Memories from the Battlefield


Power Rangers Part 2

This is basically a bunch of side-story event where you’ll learn more about some of the side characters in FFBE. Each Chapter has its own set of Stages to complete and you cannot leave the Chapter until you’re done with all the stages (you can still Give Up and start from the beginning).

NOTE: Before entering a stage, make sure you scroll through the Achievement tab (yes you can scroll) to see what are all the requirements. 

Name Total NRG Rank EXP
The Heavenlord’s Bewilderment 15 595
Time Ticks Away 25 879
The Waterlord Laments 35 1182
Tenacity 45 1520
Wickedly Stagnent 55 1860
Frozen Lands 65 2250
Light and Thunder 75 2634
The Key to Recovery 85 3019
A Dangerous Legacy 90 3205
A New Determination 90 3325


Also, t you can farm Giancryst from the last 4 stages in this event.

Name Ailcryst (8-10) Milcryst (7-9) Heavicryst (3-4) Giancryst (1)
Light and Thunder
The Key to Recovery
A Dangerous Legacy
A New Determination Guard, Power, Support Guard, Power, Support Guard, Power, Support Guard, Power, Support



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