Event – The Big Bridge


This week, follow Rain and gang as we head over to the Final Fantasy V, Big Bridge to challenge the almighty Gilgamesh!





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  1. Beat ELT with Gilgamesh, CoD, Refia, Cecil, and 700 ATK friend Gilgamesh for the mission. It was rather hard and my Gilgameshs + CoD died. It was rather hard and I got lucky on targeting.

    Added a WoL for full break and beat this without anyone dying.

  2. Finally beat Gilgamesh with 5 unit ,my unit : Lightning,cod,cod,refia,ramza , no friend unit
    this my 3rd try , i not use any break included ramza’s weapon break , coz the boss hit hard every time i use it with his skill “Launch” that’s take toll on my refia always down by 3 times hit on her, but if i not use it, boss’ll use x-cross slash instead , so my unit just fine, my attacker unit here mainly use both cod, lightning use as support baraerora, cura or item use, ramza use holy blade n dispel(i put him on siren esper),while refia use curaja n embolden,but this hard fight not easy one, coz sometimes his skill launch deal about 4 times , missile deal 3 times ,wind slash 1 or 2 times, if i’m not wrong count his hp, it happens at 70% hp, 50%,30% hp,and 10%hp if not down yet


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