Event – Visions of Bahamut


All hail the king of Espers!

Our third raid event is here and this time, Square Enix has added some brand new exclusive content to the game.


For more details on the raid event, you can check it here.

Square Enix has added an exclusive Trial event for the raid. This is similar to the Psycho Clown and Maxwell event.

Since this is new, I do not have any details on it but keep a lookout on the Trial Page for any latest updates.

Lastly, we have some new Global exclusive characters that look badass. I’m not sure how vital they are in clearing the new trial but they are definitely not wallet-friendly.

How do I say no to these????


  1. Do you have to pull these units with lapis/tickets or can you obtaint them with points like yshtola/minfilia?? I really want those too ^^

  2. No units can be summoned using the raid coins or earned from raid points this time. They are regular banner summon units that require lapis/tickets. With the raid coin summons you get materials to craft the recipes you earn from raid point rewards.

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