Expedition Into the Abyss


Disclaimer: Guide is based on the Japanese version. Certain stuff may be different in our Global build so remember to check back here as I’ll be updating this page when our global event starts. 

There are some minor changes to the global version and I’ve updated them already. Enjoy the grind!

  • Bosses are easier now
  • Bosses have fix position
  • Bosses can drop 1-2 of the special event materials
  • Cactuar and Turtle may randomly appear
  • Materials needed to craft the new recipes has been increased to match the event’s difficulty level.

Phoenix Down, Star Quartz, Elixirs, Recipe – Stonra Blade, Recipe – Burst Shot, Recipe – HP +15%

Event Details


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Treasure Chest
1. Recipe Burst Shot
2. Phoenix Down
3. Star Quartz Enter from the Right path. Left path is a dead end.
4. Recipe – Stonra Blade
5. Recipe – HP +15%
6. Elixir Grab after boss is dead

Boss Fights

Exploration Boss – Belmodar x 3


If you attack it with melee attacks, make sure you kill it in 1 turn if not, it will counter 3 random targets with 10,000 volts. Magic Attacks are your safest bet.

Recipe – Stonra Blade Boss – Golden Bomb + 2 Bombs

event4_boss1It will self-destruct at 10% HP (TBC), so be mindful when fighting him. You don’t want any members to die in an exploration map.

Recipe – HP +15% Boss – Ainsel


  • Only Elemental Weakness is Earth!
  • Full break or at least Magic break is very important in this fight as she cast AOE magic every turn.
  • Shell or Focus is useful to mitigate damage.
  • Spr +10% TM


Stonra Blade Materials Where to get
Earth Megacrys 24 Pick-up point in event exploration
Elemental Tear 13 Phantom Forest – Wisp
Broken Blade 18 Dalnakya Cavern – Goblins
Hard Pebble 18 Dropped from Golden Bomb
Alcryst 1 Ability Shop
Crafting Time Cost
2 hours 2600


+15% HP Materials Where to get
Light Megacrys 27 Pick-up point in event exploration
Tough Scale 16 Westersands – Sahagin
Dragon Scale 13 Kolobos Reef – Turtles
Pure Stone 20 Dropped from Ainsel
Alcryst 1 Ability Shop
Crafting Time Cost
3 hours 3300


Exp Breakdown

Special thanks to doohie for the chart