FFBE – Global Update 11


Here’s a summary of the latest update!

First up, we are getting more free gifts in the form of Expansion Vouchers. The Expansion Voucher can be used to expand any of your 6 Inventory in the game.

Next up, we will be getting our first 10man raid (Chamber of Arms) next week. The first boss we’ll be facing is Sheratan.

In the following week, there will be a new Story Event where we’ll be able to try our luck on Ayaka!


With the introduction of Ayaka, there will be a small change to the Cure tree as a new unit is introduced called Curada. The current strength of all Cure spells will move down 1 tier while the updated Curaja will be more powerful.


QnA Session

Qn: Will we ever get to merge TM specific moogles?

Ans: Yes, in a future patch. For those of who do not know what this means, basically, you can now merge all your TM specific moogles to save space on your Unit Inventory. However, you’ll still need the base unit in order for you to acquire the TM itself. This means that you should stop merging at 95%

Qn: Will NieR:Automata collab event come back?

Ans: They would love to but not in the near future.

Qn: Shaly when are you going to challenge Aigaion and Malboro?

Ans: Hopefully by the end of this year!


Lastly, don’t forget we will be getting the new Kingsglaive event this week!


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