Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Celebrates 8 Million Downloads with Many 8s


A new milestone have been met! Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has achieve 8 million Downloads world wide!

To celebrate this joyous event, Players will be rewarded by some pretty 8th-y stuff, as login bonuses throughout November.

  • Star Quartz x 8
  • Rare Summon Tickets x 8
  • 800 Lapis
  • 1 x 5* Trust Moogle

The description is a little confusing but I believe we’ll be getting the above 1x reward on November First and 100 Lapis for the remaining days in November.



  1. These will most likely be divided into solo amounts over the course of 28 days (1 Star Quartz on 11/1, 1 ticket on 11/2, etc.), with other bonuses (energy, gil) to fill in any open spaces. Per the announcement:

    “…we will be handing out the following login bonuses throughout (<- keyword) the month of November."

    However, if they wanted to give out the full amounts on individual days, I'm good with that, too.

  2. I think that the “8 prizes” will be given in the month’s end, after the 28 days of 100 lapis. If you login every day, in the end of month you be rich!
    Just opinions.. Lets see!

  3. I think we get 100 daily lapis and addition
    1 Star Quartz 8 days
    100 lapis 8 days
    1 ticket 8 days
    1 Mog 1 days
    and 3 other (key, Gill, ENG, etc)
    after 28th day get 100 lapis 2 days

  4. That was no bonus/rewards/gift at all, it’s just a polite way to say “screw you” and give false hope. It’s just the normal attendance rewards, but now we don’t have the 100 daily lapis anymore…
    This is all but a disappointing joke.

    • Rare summon is worth 500 lapis, or even if you account for 11 pulls, about 450 lapis.

      Basically, we get 4400 lapis and a trust mog, for login bonus this month, which is better than 3100 lapis we got for October.

  5. Please, guys… Just see your “Daily Reward’s Calendar” in game.
    They changed all rewards and we’ll get every single day a “piece” of this great bonus (Star Quartz x 8, Rare Summon Tickets x 8, 800 Lapis and 1 x 5* Trust Moogle).
    During 28 days, if you enter the game every single day, you’ll get all Celebration rewards.


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