Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global – FAQ (Please Read)


Many of you have been asking the same questions over and over again thus I’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that I have been answering every few minutes!

1. Where can you download the game?
Ans: The game is currently only Soft Launched in the Swedish App and Play Store.

2. Will there be a wipe?
Ans: NO, there will not be a wiped as replied on their official Facebook Page. However, you will need to bind your account to your Facebook account.

3. What to do after Ifrit?
Ans: Currently for this Soft launch/Beta phase. Only the First Island is being released. This means that you have no where else to go after killing Ifrit.

4. What to do with Black Screen (Android users)?
Ans: I’m sorry but if your Android is rooted, you cannot play the game.

5. When is pre-registration?
Ans: It is out now. Pre-register Here

6. How to reroll?
Ans: 1- Link your current unwanted Account to a mule Facebook Account. 2- Log out of that account. 3- Re-turn on your app without logging in to Facebook for a fresh account. 4- Repeat step 2 until you get the character your want. 5- Once you are happy with the character, login with your Main Facebook account before pressing the Link button.

7. Is x-character good?
Ans: Anything 5* is actually good for now. You don’t really need over the top characters until when the 3rd Island is out. You can easily get those top tier characters when there’s a rate up, provided you do save up those Lapis.

That’s all for now, if you have any more questions please leave them in the comment box below.


  1. I’m confused, how is there talk of Rahhum or however you spell his name, even tells you how to get him. But yet the third island isn’t available? And the least they could’ve done was create up to four islands and then made it available. I just wanna know when the third island comes out. I’m super excited for it but ig for now I’ll just have to farm.

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