Final Fantasy XV Week


This week, the characters from Kingsglaive are here to visit us!


First up, the Battle at the Borders event will be a King Mog event. Like any other King Mog event, use units from this week’s banner to earn bonus multipliers for Tokens (Hairpin).

There is a instant death mechanic on the Final boss so do remember to equip your Provoke tank with Safety Bit if you think that you cannot OHKO the Boss. For more information, do check out the guide here.

Also, we should be getting the Trial for this event next week.


This week’s banner is pretty decent especially all the 3 6-star-able units. Also, all of them have decent TM rewards despite the nerf on Crowe’s.


Nyx joins the rank of the Chainers with his Kingsglaive skill. This is a 8-hit attack chaining attack that reduces Fire Elemental resist. However, the biggest problem with Nyx is his choice of weapons. As he is only able to equip Dagger, Sword and Throw weapons, I wouldn’t consider him as a game changing unit for now but a situational one especially if we are fighting a boss that has Fire elemental weakness.

Nyx’s TM is definitely good for pro-long fights. However, as a Natural 5* unit. I think it should be a little better.


With the release of Ayaka last week, everyone is most excited about the TM reward from Crowe only to be disappointed by the GLOBAL Balance. Yes, this TM will not be stackable for the Global build which means, your Ayaka will not be OP, just P.

Crowe, as a unit is a little underwhelming. I would say she’s more of a support than an actual Mage. There are definitely better Mages out there.


Glauca is a budget combination of Orlandeau plus Veritas of the Dark. His Daybreak Darkness skill is a 8-hit attack that reduces Light and Dark Resistance of the enemy. However, the Ignore DEF part is only at 25%.

However, since he is a natural 4* unit, I guess he is your alternative budget chainer if you do not have Agrias in your team. The innate Machine Killer and Man-Eater is a pretty good bonus.

Lastly, a 125 ATK GS is definitely worth pulling for.


Despite being the “Troll” for this banner, he does have a decent TM reward. There aren’t many Body Armor that adds HP in this game thus you’ll probably want to pick up some Kingsglaive Uniform for some of your squishier units.



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  4. The Kingsglaive ability that mario games Nyx possesses allows him to join the ranks of the Chainers. This assault is a chaining attack that deals eight hits and decreases the resistance of the Fire Elemental.


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