First Year Anniversary – Overview


Get excited people as there is going to be a shit ton of events happening this week!

Let’s begin with all the free stuff!

1. Free 10+1 Summons

According to the “News”, there will be a FREE Featured 10+1 Summon Banner which can be used once, at anytime between 6/29 – 7/28. This free summon will come in the form of a 10+1 Summon Ticket which can be collected from your mailbox after maintenance tomorrow.

2. Free Daily Summons 

For the next 28 days (after tomorrow’s maintenance), the Featured Daily Summon will be FREE!!

3. July Login Bonus

There you go, another free 10+1 Summon Ticket on the 28th Day of July! Please don’t forget to login everyday!

4. Producer’s Jacket

As mentioned in E3, we will be getting the ingame Producer’s Jacket and Anniversary Ring. I’m not quite sure what’s the stats on this 2 items though.


1. Guaranteed 5* Banner

If you’re new to the game, or haven’t gotten any 5* in your account, your days of excuses are finally over! From 6/29 – 7/13, pull on this banner to enjoy a one-time only guaranteed 5* base unit! If you need to reroll, this is the best time. However, it states that Units in this summon pool will not include limited units or units with increased drop rates… Tidus will be on rate up.. so…….

2. Final Fantasy X Featured Summon

Tidus, Rikku and Wakka will be joining my roster this week! If you’re a F2P Player, I suggest at least try your many best to get Rikku in your team!

3. New Units to Awaken!

The long awaited WoL and Garland awaken is finally here!


1. Macalania Woods

FFX’s event will be an Exploration Event. There’s going to be some pretty interesting mechanics that forces you to rerun the stages multiple times for crafting materials. For more information on the event, remember to check out there guide here.

2. Anniversary Raid

Kupo~ Kupo kupo kupo kupO!!!

Kupoooooo Guide Kupoooo Here….


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