Ghost Ship – Exploration


Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp
14 65653 579



 – Material Pickup Spots

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Auto-Protect
Treasure Chest
2. Black Megacite
3. Gale Key – 8
4. Recipe – Flametongue
5. Star Quartz
6. Turbo Ether
7. Rune Axe (Atk+53, Spr+12)
8. Black Robe (Def+34, Mag+20)



Quest Reward
Q1 Honor to the Deep Defense Bracer(Auto Protect, Auto Shell)


Q1 Honor to the Deep

You can find Mahedeva here.
You can use Raise or Phoenix Down to OHKO it.


Monsters Aqua Elemental, Dead Head, Ghost, Ghoul, Green Soul, Sea Scorpion, Spritzer, Zombie Soldier
Boss Terror Knight – Use Raise/Full Life/Phoenix Down to OHKO it


Drops Pickup
Book of Ruin, Crimson Tear, Allure Powder, Farplane Soul, Seed of Life, Heaven’s Ash, Dragon Heart, Esper’s Tear, Aqua Pearl, Glowseeds, Green Fluid, Corpse Fly, Esper Crys, Broken Blade, Deepsea Bloom, Gaia’s Tear, Rainbow Needle, Pearl of Wisdom, Earth’s Core, Life Orb Green Magicite, Green Megacite, Mythril Ore, Earth Crys, Earth Megacrys, Dark Crys, Dark Megacrys, Magicite, Iron Ore, Silver Ore