Golzas Canyon – Exploration

golzas Canyon1

Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp
13 ~44118 395



– Material Pickup Spots.

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Pinwheel
Treasure Chest
2. Recipe – Sage’s Surplice
3. Blue Fang
4. Heaven’s Ash
5. Yellow Magicite
6. Mythril Hammer
7. Turbo Ether
8. Star Quartz


Hidden Quests – A Thief’s Legacy

Just bring the key to the Vault and get your Earth Key – 11. Note: You will need to complete Treasure in the Desert quest at Grandport to unlock the cave.

Quests – Double Trouble

Monsters Golden Eagle, Ghost, Treant, Goblin Guard, Wolf, Zombie, Dark Wizard, Bloody Eye
Boss Mahadeva (Weakness against Holy Attacks, Immune to Petrify)


Drops Pickup
Golden Egg, Scripture of Time, Esper Crys, Gaia’s Tear, Life Orb. Heaven’s Ash, Crimson Tear, Quality Parts, Wizard Stone, Esper Shard, Rainbow Needle, Farplane Dew, Raptor Feather, Farplane Soul, God’s Reliquary, Corpse Fly, Luminous Horn, Esper’s Tear, Otherworldly Bone, Gummy Oil, Abominable Wing Silver Ore, Yellow Magicite, Yellow Megacite, Fire Crys, Fire Megacrys, Wind Crys, Wind Megacrys, Iron Ore, Light Crys, Light Megacrys


golzas canyon exp
Special thanks to Doohie for the Information