Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Brace
2. Recipe – Barwatera
Treasure Chest
3. Recipe – Warhammer 11. Chain Whip
4. Scholar Robe 12. Unicorn Horn
5. Sage’s Surplice 13. Frag Grenade
6. Phoenix Down 14. Hi – Potion
7. Recipe – Bucchus Wine 15. Iron Shield
8. Echo Herbs 16. Earth Key – 7
9. Ether 17. Star Quartz
10. Iron Mace 18. Star Quartz

16. Earth Key – 7




Quest Name Rewards Details
1. Preserving the Peace Recipe – Rune Staff
2. The Strongest Materials Paladin Amor *Cryst Almighty
3. All About the Ore Recipe – Hypno Crown *Ore Inspiring
4. Dreaming of Desires Moon Ring Blade *Lootiful Dreamer
5. Missing Once Again Kiku-ichimonji *Missing on the Mountain
6. The Hero Unmasked Tiger Mask – 14atk 3def *Hero Mask Task
7. Tasty New Dish Coral Sword *Niche Dish Wish
8. Test of Stealth Recipe – Ninja Gear *Ninja Challenge
9. Save my Beloved Pet! Vaccine *It’s a Dog’s Death
10. Pillow of Your Dreams Recipe – Sleep Dagger Pre-requisite – Complete “Save my Beloved Pet!”
11. Treasure in the Desert Earth Key – 20 *Operation Desert Treasure

*New Quest Name

1. Preserving the Peace

Blood eyes appear in Lechios Hills

2. The Strongest Materials

You can find Earth MegaCrysts in Zadehl Westersands – Exploration

3. All About the Ore

Retrieve the ore at Zadehl Westersands – Exploration:


4. Dreaming of Desires

  1. You should have many Chromatic Ooze by now, if not just fight any slime related monsters.
  2. You can find Otherworldly bone from Bears in Lanzelt Lowlands.
  3. Find boat here:

5. Missing Once Again

You can find the lady at Wolfsfang Peak – Exploration;


6. The Hero Unmasked

You can find the father at Lanzelt Highlands – Exploration:


7. Tasty New Dish

Dragon Scale – Lanzelt Highlands – Exploration
Elemental Tear – Phantom Forest – Exploration

8. Test of Stealth

You can find Hiveguards at Lanzelt Lowlands.

9. Save my Beloved Pet!

  1. Talk to the old man here;
  2. Collect 3 Abominable Wings (you should have collected some already if not, defeat any Bird-type monster in Lanzelt)
  3. Complete the quest.

10. Pillow of Your Dreams

You will need to complete Quest 9, Save my Beloved Pet! to unlock this quest. 
Lanzelt Highlands – Exploration


Return to Quest Giver at Grandport.
Next, go to Kol Village and talk to the old lady infront of the Inn.
Lastly, report back to the Quest Giver.

11. Treasure in the Desert

  1. Touch the Barrel to initiate quest.


2. Collect Key-20 at Zadehl Westersands – Exploration