Grandshelt Catacombs – Exploration


Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp
5 ~ 5700 101

– Material Pickup Spots.

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Barwater
2. Recipe – Barthunder
Treasure Chest
3. Leather Whip
4. Iron Gloves
5. Bronze Mace
6. Battle Axe
7. Phoenix Down
8. Recipe- Bronze Helmet
9. Recipe – Javalin
10. Star Quartz

Quest – 
Hunt for the Model Airship Part 2

Monsters Zombie, Green Soul, Yellow Jelly, Wild Rat
Boss Architeuth A – Body, B-D – Tentacles


Drops Pickup
Esper Crys, Esper Shard, Gaia’s Tear, Green Fluid, Allure Powder, Life Orb, Crimson Tear, Chromatic Ooze, Luminous Horn, Thickened Hide, Book of Ruin, Beast Meat, Quality Parts Lumber, Black Magicite, Lightning Crys, Dark Crys, Copper Ore, Magicite Shard, Fire Crys, Wind Crys, Blue Magicite