Healing Calculator

Monkun’s FFBE Healing Calculator

Monkun’s FFBE Healing Calculator v1.0

v1.0 Notes:

  • Use SPR and MAG values shown on unit view screen.
  • Healing Coefficient Mod: Leave this value at 1. This value may change for certain future events.
  • Healing range variance is 86% to 100%.
  • Units with Auto-Shell trait or have items like the Moon Bracer equipped will heal for more due to increased SPR. Increased SPR from Shell and other items is based on unit’s base SPR value.
    • Example: Fina 5* at lvl 80 has a base of 101 SPR – her SPR while having Moon Bracer equipped will be SPR value shown on unit view screen +20 SPR.

  • Base Healing values and Healing Multipliers for common abilities:
  • Ability Base Value Multiplier
    Cure (single target) 150 3
    Cura (group) 400 3
    Curaga (single target) 800 3.4
    Curaja (group) 1000 3.4

Total SPR (shown)
Total MAG (shown)
Base Healing
Healing Multiplier
Healing Coefficient Mod

Expected Healing Output:

Low Range
High Range
Average Expected Output