Industrial City Dilmagia


Treasure Key Box  Location
1. Recipe – Sleep Blade
Treasure Chest
2. Vega (Gun +40 Atk)
3. Star Quartz
4. Red Megacite
5. Quality Parts
6. Gold Needle
7. Silver Ore
8. Recipe – Zeus’s Rage
9. Mage Masher (Dagger +38 Atk, 30% chance to silence)
10. Phoenix Down
11. Star Quartz
12. Gale Key – 9 You need to finish up Earth Keys first before Gale Key will start to Unlock




Quest Name Rewards Details
1. Job Hunting Star Quartz Turn in 5 Water Megacrys
2. A Fair Day’s Wage Recipe – Wind Spear (+48 Attack with Wind Elemental Damage)
3. Help Wanted Mythril Helm (+20 Def)
4. Settling the Score Flame Lance (+48 Attack with Fire Elemental Damage) Pre-requisite: Complete Missing Once Again quest from Grandport
5. For Her Special Day X-Potion
6. Mind Your Wares Remedy
7. To Whom Is This? Hyper You’ll need to unlock Town of Kolts before quest is unlock.


1. Job Hunting

You can get Water Megacrys from Wolfsfang Peak – Exploration.

2. A Fair Day’s Wage

You can farm Gloom Widow at Ballen Passage Depths.

3. Help Wanted

Step 1 – Speak to the man at Maranda Coast – Exploration.
Step 2 – Collect the 3 parts circled in Red.
Step 3 – Return Quest


4. Settling the Score

Talk to the 2 person in order at Windy Height’s West – Exploration


You can use Raise or Phoenix Down to OHKO this boss.

5. For Her Special Day

  1. Obtain Shell from Maranda Coast Exploration.
  2. Return to the Client.


3. Head to Village of Ambel and talk to daughter.
4. Return letter to client.


6. Mind Your Wares

Windy Heights West – Exploration


7. To Whom Is This?

  1. Head to the Town of Kolts and speak to the lady below:


2. Head over to Junkyard – Exploration and speak to the man.