Disclaimer: Guide based on the Japan Build of the game. I will edit accordingly once our global version is released!

Energy No of Stages Rank Exp
20 1 700



Try to stack as much SPR as you can on your units. You can unlock the SPR+10% Recipe from Kolobos Marsh – Exploration.

Items – Bring along Elixirs, Turbo Ether and X-Potions.


Intangir counters with Meteor whenever any Magic Spells are casts. It is important to bring units that are able to Full Break or at the very least, Magic Break.

Bring at least 2 units that are able to cast Cura in order to heal back the damage done by Meteor. Of course, it will be better to have Roselia or Lenna to cast Curaja.

Other important Abilities – Barrage, Healers with AOE Heal Limit Burst, SPR +10%

Intangir Attack Pattern


No. Skill Effect
1 Attack Single Target Physical Damage
2 20% Def Buff for 3 turns
3 Sleep
4 Meteor 300% AOE Damage + 25% Ignore MDEF
5 Wake Up


The fight is made in a way where Players must avoid using Spells which includes healing.


Turn 1 – Intangir will cast Skill 2 and go to sleep.

Turn 2 onwards will depend on the Player’s Action:

  1. If Spells or Esper is used, Intangir will perform the following:

Intangir wakes up (S5) > Meteor (S4) > Buff Def (S2) and Sleep

2. If Attack/Special/Limit Burst is used, Intangir will perform the following:

Intangir wakes up (S5) > Attack (S1) x2 > Buff Def (S2) and Sleep

At below 50% and 10% HP, attack pattern as follow:

Intangir wakes up (S5) > Meteor (S4) > Buff Def (S2) and Sleep

The Fight

As mentioned above the fight will be easier with Melee units however, it is also possible to complete the fight with a Magic party.


  • Always keep Full Break on Intangir to reduce his physical attacks on your party. Also, Full Break helps to “neutralise” the Def buff it casts every turn.
  • You should keep your Healer in Defense Mode to reduce the damage taken. Also, save your Limit Burst (explained below).
  • 1 turn before it’s HP drops below 50%, get Vaan (or Celes) to cast Focus to dampen the damage from Meteor. Also, top up your team’s HP with Cura/Curaja to prepare for Meteor.
  • After Intangir cast meteor, top up your party’s HP with your Limit Burst and continue your attacks.
  • Top up your MP with Turbo Ethers and use your Elixirs in emergency cases.
  • At below 10%, Intangir will cast it’s Meteor again. This time, the logical method is to go all out and finish it off.

Magic Party

  • If you’re going with a Magic Party, you still need to keep Full Break on Intangir at all times.
  • You’ll need at least 2 units with Cura or a healer with Curaja to top up the Party’s HP every turn.
  • Turbo Ether is important for the Magic Party.
  • The Objective is to use extra damage from Elemental Chain to take down Intangir. Therefore, proper timing of your Spell usage is imperative.

Recommended Units

Melee Party:

Breaker – Vaan / WoL > Duane
Attackers – Barts, Chiziru, Firion, COD, Garland
Support – Celes, Leo (Draw attacks)
Healers – Lenna, Roselia, Krile

Magic Party

Breaker – Vaan / WoL
Attackers – Exdeath, Kefka, Golbez, Tellah, Vivi
Healers – Healers – Lenna, Roselia, Krile



Players will be rewarded with a Enhance Sword for clearing Intangir for the first time.

Stats: ATK +82, MAG+23