Island Update – Dirnado and New Trial Boss – Intangir


The forth island, Dirnado will finally be here this coming Thursday! Be prepared to head on to the second continent for a brand new adventure!


It’s time for Rain and Lasswell to venture on to Dirnado where majestic airships soar through the vast and open skies (Nope no Cid here).

Unlike Kolobos, Dirnado is a decent size map with more stages to complete. Also, you get to hang out with another Esper!


Finally~ Intangir will be here. I’m not sure if global is going to nerf this boss or not but nonetheless, I’m pretty sure we’ll be hearing complains about the boss anyway. With Chizuru already in the roster, I guess this fight should not be as difficult as it was in Japan.

Remember to catch out all the guides for this latest update as most of them have already been updating on the site!



  1. Pretty sure, I’m getting the same thing.
    My thoughts are that the announcement here was going off the JP release and it wasn’t the same.

  2. I finished Intangir in about 4 turns, My team: Chizuru x2, CoD, WoL (for Full Break), Lenna (Cheer & Curaja), Gilbert (channeling Protect and Shell for all mems in 3 turns – very useful).

  3. Intangir hit like a freight train, but I hit harder. My team was vaan, Cecil, Bartz, firion, exdeath and borrowed chorizo. First I hit him with imperil, full break and any debunks I could find then blasted him with barrage and ga spells. It doesn’t matter which spells, his resistance is all the same to all elements. Took him down in three turns. Make sure to bring a healer since meteor packs a punch.


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