Island Update – Olderion and The Great Daemon!


I guess most of you would known by now that we’ll be getting a new story island and a new trial this week!

Right after this week’s maintenance (27 Oct), the Olderion Federation will be opened for adventure. Similar to Dirnado, they might split the island to 2 parts just like they did for the Japan server. I bet many people will start asking on chat “THATS ALL?”

Anyway, we will have our next trial, The Great Daemon. Complete the trial for the first time and be rewarded with the following Wizard Rod. You can read the guide for Great Daemon here.


Lastly, don’t forget we will be getting the Pro difficulty for our Halloween event!


  1. Friends, just a very usefull information: The enemy BOMB (golden bomb, normal bomb and ETC) has a trick for not use the hability Sef-destruction, just YOU NOT USE AN HABILITY THAT CAUSE WEKNESS! If you dont use this kind of hability (Blizard in a bomb that have fire strongness), he will only use others habilities like normal atack and fire/fira.. Works in the final stages of colosseum and the exploration maps..

    The next trial boss have a Bomb boss, and i think this glich will be very useful.. Anymore can try and confirm?

    • I can confirm the last rounds of colusseum works like you describe…
      However for exploration maps I have to disagree…. When I was farming ingredients on the Forge exploration during the autumm moon fest; I received several self-destruct whithout hitting weakness; this self destructs activated when bomb below 50%HP I think

      • Thanks Boko! You are right, maybe this glich is only in the GOLDEN BOMB.. I dont know, but thats the way for descover :), i will test killing another bombs (RED and GREEN BOMB, in the forge have only the “grey bomb” i think, and i realy dont remember of test in this kindy of bombs)

  2. Beat the Trial bos Great Demon ,
    share my squad :
    Lightning 450atk , BC Lid, Lenna , Ramza , Kefka , friend Lightning 430atk

    Cactuar boss :
    1st turn : cheer , crush blow chain , ultimate blow , hyper drive , weapon break
    2nd turn : crush blow chain , ultimate blow , hyper drive , magic break , banish
    Bomb (red x3) , Bomb (greenx3) :
    1st turn : Cheer, Focus , Ice Blitz (both Lightning) , Blizzaga (make chain from ice blitz ) , Ultima(ramza)
    Io , Searcher boss:
    1st turn : Cheer , Ultimate Blow on Searcher, Electric Blitz(both L:ightning),Thundaga,Magic break on Io(ramza)
    2nd turn : Cura , Cura(ramza) , Crushing blow ( both Lightning) , Thundaga ,ultimate blow on Io
    3rd Turn : Curaja (hp <50%) ,just normal atk(both Lightning and BC LID) coz hp from Io about 5% Left , use Turbo ether for Lenna(ramza) , Turbo Ether for BC Lid(Kefka)
    Architeuth Boss :
    1st Turn : Cheer , Focus , Electric Blitz ( both Lightning) , Thundaga , Ultima(ramza) that clear tentacles
    2nd turn : weapon Break , Crushing Blow ( both Lightning ) , Hyper Drive , Cura , Ultimate Blow
    3rd Turn : cura(Lenna) , cura(ramza) , osmose ( kefka using Esper Ability ),normal atk ( both Lighning,BCLID)
    Great Demon :
    *note : this boss need debuff(imperiil / de shell / break skill / de protect ,etc) every turn
    coz 1st turn i did stupid move that make my kefka die in pain so , need raise using phoenix down on him what a waste
    1st turn (fail) : cheer , focus , hyper drive , crushing blow, crushing blow , ultima
    2nd turn (try to survive) : Curaja , phoenix down on kefka , imperiil , cruching blow ,cura
    3 turn (try survive 2) : Hero Rime , Curaja , Hyper drive , deshell , use elixir on both lightning
    4th turn (from zero) , Hero Rime (channeling) , Hyper Drive , de shell , Curaja, normal atk from both lighning
    5th Turn (try make come back) : Hero Rime( last channeling) , de shell(Lenna) , Ultimate Blow ,Cura both Lightning)
    6th Turn : Hero Rime (re cast) , Curaja , De protect , Hyper Drive , Crushing blow chain(both Lightning)
    7th Turn : Hero Rime(ch1) , Curaja , De protect , use turbo ether on Lenna , normal Atk both Lightning
    8th Turn : Hero Rime(ch2), Curaja , De protect , Ultimate Blow , Crushing Blow both Lightning
    9th Turn : repeat 8th turn finish *
    this is my 1st try on this trial and finish it

    • add info :
      My Lenna Here equip with Mp 20%(from trophies), Mp20%(from Event Autumn), Mp10%(from silver chest),hp15%( from event Autumn)
      Golden staff (ADV colo) , SAge Robe , Celebrant Mitten , Angel Ring ( COLO) , Muscle Belt
      hope a little help for you , most important how make your healer survive n support your squad ^^

  3. When I go to Industrial city dilmagia, the new location doesn’t unlock, I’ve tried talking to all of the people and going to any exits but nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?


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