July Week 3 Update – New Story, New Trial, New Awakening


This is the week you hardcore (whales) Players have been waiting for! The Aigaion Trial is here!

Let’s quickly summarize what’s going to happen this week!


As usual, we’ll have our 8 hours maintenance tomorrow, from 23:00 – 7:00 PDT.

New Story

A brand new story, Chapter VII Kingdom of Pharm Part 1 will be opened! For the first time, the story ended on a climax last chapter and I’m really excited for this chapter to be release. Pharm is suppose to be a really short chapter with only 1 town and 2 Exploration Maps… I’m not sure why are they still splitting it into 2 parts.

New Trial – Aigaion

Yeah yeah, I know all of you are excited over this trial. I’m not sure if they will buff/nerf the boss since we are lacking certain “important” awakenings for this trial but one thing’s for sure, you need to be decked out with your Trust Master items to beat this. I’ll be constantly updating the guide for this trial when it goes live so do help me fill it up so that others may benefit from it.

All Chambers Open

If you’re new to the game, all the chambers will be opened this week for your pleasure.

Ability Awakening

Make Luneth great again! Also, finally some use for Dark Knight Cecil! Other than Luneth, the other awakenings are a little outdated. However, if you’re still using Cecil or Refia as your main Spot 1 and Spot 5, this is a pretty okay upgrade.

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  1. Why do you write guides when you clearly dont know shit? Stick to whaling and shutting your mouth.

    Dark cecil is one of the best finishers after enhancements, only slightly behind “the leading man”

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