Kolobos Marsh – Exploration

kolobos wetlands_q

Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp
12 ~43745 349


 – Material Pickup Spots.

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – SPR +10%
Treasure Chest
2. Recipe – Shock Whip
3. Hyper
4. Water Megacrys
5. Elemental Tear
6. Orange Magicite
7. Earth Key – 23
8. Star Quartz


Quest – Zombie Repellent

Monsters Yellow Jelly, Sahagin, Akhkhazu, Abyssal, Damia, Poison Toad, Zombie
Boss Amoebozoa (No elemental weakness, immune to poison)


Drops Pickup
Esper Shard, Beast Meat, Heaven’s Ash, Quality Parts, God’s Reliquary, Farplane Soul, Esper Crys, Earth’s Core, Green Fluid, Crimson Tear, Corpse Fly, Book of Ruin, Glowseeds, Spiritsand, Pearl of Wisdom, Talmonite of Life, Chromatic Ooze, Gaia’s Tear, Life Orb, Allure Powder, Esper’s Tear Silver Ore, Magicite, Dark Crys, Dark Megacrys, Ice Crys, Ice Megacrys, Violet Magicite, Violet Megacite, Water Crys, Water Mega Crys


kolobos marsh exp
Special thanks to Doohie for the Information