Lake Dorr – Exploration


Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp
11 64703 493


Note: You will need to touch the Ball to open up the Paths marked within the red zone. 


 – Material Pickup Spots

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Curaga
Treasure Chest
2. Light Curtain
3. Star Quartz
4. White Megacite
5. Thunder Spear (Atk+48, Thunder Element)
6. Mythril Shield
7. Gale Key – 1
8. Recipe – Mythril Axe



Quest Reward
Q1 Community Service Ice Shield


Q1 Community Service

Step 1 – Touch the Ball at the right most of the map (beside treasure 6).
Step 2 – Kill the sharks on the 3 locations marked below.
Step 3 – Report to client


Q2 – Gotta Love the Baby!

Monsters Sleepy, Ghoul, Sea Scorpion, Aqua Elemental, Killer Fish, Shark, Bas-relief, Skuldier, Objet d’Art, Undine
Boss Flood Worm (180,000 HP): -50% Lightning, +100% Water/Earth, Immune to Poison/Silence/Petrify


Drops Pickup


  1. Sorry. I accidentally pressed “no” to remain and now the 2nd shark is missing and won’t reset upon re-entering. Any idea how to solve this issue or reset (abandon and start again) this quest ?

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