Lanzelt Highlands – Exploration

Lanzelt Highlands - Exploration

Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp
10 20000 281



– Material Pickup Spots.

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Mental Break
Treasure Chest
2. Recipe – Survival Vest
3. Green Beret
4. Ochre Shield
5. Chakram
6. Earth Key 17
7. Star Quartz
8. Star Quartz


Hidden Quest – The Last Letter : Reward – Elixir

Lanzelt Highlands - quest

  1. Talk to the man in Lost Village of Marlo.
  2. Head to Lanzelt Highlands – Exploration and approach the tree shown in the right map.
  3. Return to Lost Village of Marlo and hand in the quest.

Quest – The Hero Unmasked, Pillow of Your Dreams

Monsters Poison Eagle, Balloon, Rudra, Werepanther, Tyrannosaur, Hill Gigas (Rare), Bone Dragon (Rare)
Boss Wyvern (North Exit), Wyvern (East Exit)


Drops Pickup
Golden Egg, Life Orb, Esper Crys, Aqua Pearl, Dragon Heart, Scripture of Time, Heaven’s Ash, God’s Relinquary, Esper Shard, Farplane Soul, Dragon Fang, Mystic Ore, Beast Meat, Demon Tail, Rainbow Needle, Seed of Life, Green Fluid, Raptor Feather, Abominable Wings Light Crys, Iron Ore, Wind Crys, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Magicite, Magicite Shard,