Mana Mystery

Expect Changes

Global Changes:
Rabite’s candy drop from 500 > 200 in Global
Final Candy acquired per difficulty level should be increased

First Clear Rewards:

Dungeon First Clear Reward
BGN Rare Summon Ticket x 1
INT Candy x 200
ADV Candy x 300
PRO Candy x 500
ELT Lapis x 500


Mog King Rewards:

Standard Items

Item Candy Limit
Hi-Potion 5 10
Ether 5 10
Tent 5 10
X-Potion 20 10
Turbo Ether 20 10
Remedy 30 10
Metal Gigantuar 100 100
Elixir 100 10
Phoenix Down 200 10
Screamroot 150 10
Fine Alcryst 150 10
Red Megacite 100 30
Blue Megacite 100 30
Violet Megacite 100 30
Orange Megacite 100 30
Yellow Megacite 100 30
Sacred Crystal 150 20
Fairies’ Writ 160 25
Rainbow Bloom 160 25
Calamity Gem 160 25
Prismatic Horn 160 25
Calamity Writ 160 25
Divine Crystal 160 25
Fairies’ Writ 540
Rainbow Bloom 540
Calamity Gem 540
Prismatic Horn 540
Calamity Writ 540
Divine Crystal 540
Hard Rock 100
Fury Seed 100
Wicked Drop 100
Brillant Ray 100
Lucky Seedling 100
Bizarre Box 100
Star Quartz
300 4
600 3
900 3
Rare Summon Ticket
500 2
1000 3
3000 2
6,000 3
Trust Moogle 30,000 1
Trust Moogle 70,000 1


Event Items

Item Candy Limit
Gigas Axe (Axe; ATK+85, SPR+15) 50000 1
Aura Glove (Gloves; ATK+45, MAG+32, SPR+45, Primm only) 7000 1
Ninja’s Trump (Throw; ATK+28, MAG+75, Popoi only) 3000 1
Polon Bow (ATK+30, Bird Killer) 1000 1
Hayate Whip (Whip; ATK+45) 3000 1
Soul Crown (Hat; DEF+20, SPR+20) 10000 1
Full Moon Slash (Randi only) 10000 1
Mana (Primm and Popoi only Boost 55% ATK) 4000 2
Mana’s Protection (Ability: MP5% DEF10%) 1200 1
Mana’s Protection (Ability: MP5% DEF10%) 2800 3
Mana’s Blessing (Ability: HP5% SPR10%) 1200 1
Mana’s Blessing (Ability: HP5% SPR10%) 2800 3
HP+15% 15000 1

Character Bonus

Unit Bonus
Randi 100% up
Primm 75% up
Popoi 50% up


Pro (10 NRG) ADV (13 NRG)
Modifier Token/Energy Token/Energy
1.5 20.4 24.46
2 27.2 32.62
2.5 34 40.77
3 40.8 48.92
3.5 47.6 57.08
4 54.4 65.23
4.5 61.2 73.38
5 68 81.54

The Rabites!

Each Rabite gives 200 candies. Players can encounter them at ADV, PRO and ELT difficulty.

Rabites – Beast
LV – 1
HP – 100
MP – 10



Appearance Monster Area
Hell Phoenix (INT BOSS) INT, ADV, PRO, ELT
Thunder Gigas ADV, PRO, ELT
Vampire Lord (ADV BOSS) ADV, PRO, ELT
Dread Slime PRO, ELT
Mana Beast (ELT BOSS) ELT
Rabites (drop 200 each) (Rare encounter) ADV, PRO, ELT

Event Stage


3 1 60 500 50
Mission Reward Lapis
Clear Quest 20
Deal Lightning Damage 10
Don’t Die 10
No Continues 10
First clear reward
Rare Summon Ticket x 1
Possible Drops
Candy x 31



5 2 232 2000 105
Mission Reward
Clear Quest 20
Deal Water Damage 10
Don’t Die 10
No Continues 10
First clear reward
Candy x 200
Possible Drops
Candy x 60



8 4 570 5200 155
Mission  Reward
Clear Quest 20
Deal Light Damage 10
Don’t Die 10
No Continues 10
First clear reward
Candyx 300
Possible Drops
Candy x 94



10 6 970 9000 250
Mission (TBC) Reward
Clear Quest 20
Defeat Dark Lich with Magic 10
Don’t Die 10
No Continues 10
First clear reward
Candy x 500
Possible Drops
Candy x 141 – 148



13 7 2285 19400 300
Mission  Reward
Clear Quest 20
Defeat Mana Beast with LB 10
Don’t Die 10
No Continues 10
First clear reward
Lapis x 500
Possible Drops
Candy x 209 – 220


Monster Stats

Dragon Worm – Dragon
LV – 70
HP – 185,000
MP – 220
+50% Earth Resistance | -50% Lightning and Wind Resistance
+80% Sleep Resistance | Immune to all
Hell Phoenix – Bird
LV – 70
HP – 170,000
MP – 240
+50% Fire Resistance | -50% Ice and Water Resistance
+90% Confuse Resistance | Immune to all
Thunder Gigas – Human 
LV – 70
HP – 220,000
MP – 210
+50% Lightning Resistance | -50% Earth Resistance
+90% Blind Resistance | Immune to all
Vampire Lord – Demon
LV – 70
HP – 200,000
MP – 250
+50% Dark Resistance | -50% Holy Resistance
+90% Sleep Resistance | Immune to all
Dread Slime – Fairy
LV – 70
HP – 100,000
MP – 300
Note: Physical Attack is useless on it. DEF Break not effective. Chance to cast Instant KO and Paralyze
Use Double Meteor to take it down
+50% Holy Resistance | -50% Dark Resistance
+90% Paralysis Resistance | Immune to all
Dark Lich – Demon
LV – 70
HP – 280,000
MP – 260
+50% Dark Resistance | -50% Holy Resistance
Immune to all



Mana Beast – Machine 
LV – 70
HP – 600,000
MP – 300
+50% Dark Resistance | -50% Holy Resistance
Immune to all


  • Full-Break

Units Suggestion

Exdeath is definitely a good choice here to counter the Dread Slime’s high Defensive Stat. Dual Cast Meteor with > 450 MAG should kill the Slime.

Equip your Best Attackers with Excalibur if possible. It’ll make the whole event a piece of cake.


  1. Finally a decent axe. I see that Primm and Popoi have exclusive items. I hope that axe is not for Randi only so Mercedes can use it. I desperately need better physical attackers. Randi would be nice, please RNG!

    • Nevermind. I finally got the in-game news update and saw that the axe is not unit exclusive. I guess it’s time use up those banked Gigantuars to max out Mercedes.

  2. Went half in on this event because Secret of Mana is one of my all-time favorite Square games; 35 tickets and 11 summon. The RNG gods definitely hate me. No rainbows, 3 Primms and 14 Popois. Out of all the Tickets, the yellows kept coming out as Vanille, Hope, and Gaff. Ugh! I guess I am still not meant to have a *5 base unit. There is still hope for Orlandu in a month or two I guess… At least the farming will go quickly so I can get back to TMRs.

  3. 15 ticket 2 rainbow(1 lightning 1 randi) 2 primms 1 popois last king moogle event with ace was the same result for me… only on the first day of event will i get lucky

  4. I wasn’t willing to spend much here and self imposed a 5 ticket limit plus the half off. Pulls: Popoi, Golbez, Randi…..mic drop!

  5. Congrats! @yutrio and @Richard you both are EXTREMELY lucky. I watched a video of a guy that pull around 300 times using only 11 pulls and only got 1 rainbow and it was NOT Randi. I really wanted all the characters from this banner, but oh well. A 1% chance at a rainbow is just too low. Even then, there are so many other possibilities for that rainbow to be.

  6. rabites rate seems about 5% – which seems lower then the dooblicorn. Kinda crap, but with 4 popoi’s (+ event friend) I’m already over the 50k candy limit – soloing pro w/bartz.

  7. Even running pro with 2 popoi and a primm with cod and exdeath I’m only getting 500 per fight. Thats 100 fights for the axe alone

  8. I’m running two Popoi and one Primm, plus another borrowed from a friend (got at least five friends with Randi’s). I’m not strong enough for Pro, especially with my low-level Secret of Mana characters, so I do Advanced. I get about 300 candy for 8 energy, but I’ve had a few runs with Rabites that make up for it. (Four rabites in one encounter netted me almost 3,000 candy in one go!)

    But yeah, I pretty well spend all day grinding candies. Less than one week in and I’m about to finally reach 50,000 for that axe. Then I’ll go back for the Aura Glove, Soul Crown, and some of those materias. I think I’ll be able to reach my goal but it has been a slog.

    • Randi with high enough attack (450+) can one shot Thrice Slice through all of the PRO bosses except for the Dark Slime. Check his equipment and make sure he’s not using an elemental sword because of resistances. If you can chain some magic casts between Primm, 2xPopoi, and your own mage, you can handle the slime. Dark Slime has 35k health. Good luck with the rest of the grind. I hope you kill lots of rabites.

      • Yeah, I’ve got the Gigas Axe, the Aura Glove, the Ninja Trump, the Soul Crown, a Mana Blessing. I’m pretty sure I can get the rest of the materia I want and maybe get some other goodies before the event is up.

        I can do Pro but it takes a bit longer and doesn’t net me much more candy… and only if I have a good ally. For better or worse, I’ve got a Lvl 85 Ariana Grande for my black mage… along with her unique equipment and four Twinspells she can do a lot of damage… unfortunately, only lightning and dark attacks. I started playing right before the Dangerous Woman event, so I still have a long way to go before I can do any of the Elite events. Anyway, she’s my baby-sitter, and with her I can kill all of the bosses of the Advanced run in one turn (except for the Thunder Gigas, sometimes), so it’s more efficient for me to just grind that level and hope for rabites now and then. Oh, and now I’m running 3 Popois and a Primm… as long as I have a friend along, I’m guaranteed at least +275% candy, that’s not bad. I usually get about 400 candies a run for 8 energy.


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