Mystic Woods – Exploration


Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp
10 71125 421



 – Material Pickup Spots

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Brigandine
Treasure Chest
2. Lunar Curtain
3. Green Megacite
4. Plant Killer
5. Gale Key – 10
6. Star Quartz
7. Sleep Dagger
8. Mythril Plate



Q1 – What a Man Wants

Monsters Treant, Scorpion, Chick, Gloom Widow, Biora, Alarune, Green Soul
Boss Ochu (Microchux3) -50% Fire, Petrify – Null


Drops Pickup
Farplane Dew, Rainbow Needle, Farplane Soul, Scripture of Time, Gummy Oil, God’s Reliquary, Allure Powder, Deepsea Bloom, Aqua Pearl, Esper Crys, Esper’s Tear, Earth’s Core, Heaven’s Ash, Rockebeetle Husk, Golden Egg, Gaia’s Tear Magicite, Earth Crys, Earth Mega Crys, Dark Crys, Dark Megacrys, Wind Crys, Wind Megacrys, Green Magicite, Green Megacite, Silver Ore, Iron Ore, Mythril Ore


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